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    41 Great Products For All Your Dishwashing Woes

    They'll make cleaning up after meals feel so much easier.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. If washing dishes is taking up too much of your time, consider investing in this bestselling Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher - ₹19,990

    It's super easy to install and has 8 place settings, 6 wash programs, two spray levels and an inbuilt heater with a 70°C wash temperature. It's ideal for common dishware materials like plastic, stainless steel, glass, etc.

    Get it here.

    2. Instead of transporting food into different containers, seal them in their original packets with these IKEA BEVARA Sealing Clips (Pack of 30) - ₹248

    These plastic-sealing clips are freezer safe and dishwasher safe and will keep your food fresh.

    Price: ₹248 for a pack of 30.

    3. The IKEA ANTAGEN Dishwashing Brush - ₹229 (Set of 5) is made of plastic with polyester bristles, has a scraper edge that makes it easier to remove stubborn food debris and a hole in the handle so you can hang it up when it's not in use.

    Price: ₹229

    4. These multipurpose silicone cleaning gloves that protect your hands while cleaning and act as a cleaning scrub too - ₹229

    Water-resistant and heat resistant up to 160 degrees Celcius.

    Get it here.

    5. This IKEA Soft Bristles Bottle Brush - ₹238 (Pack of 2) for navigating narrow bottle necks.

    Price: ₹238

    6. This blue polyester IKEA PLASTIS Dish Drying Mat - ₹334 creates more drying space for your dishes. It can also be placed under a dish drainer to soak up water that drips down from the drainer. It's easy to store by folding or hanging on a hook using the loop.

    It measures 17.25x14.25 inches.

    Price: ₹334

    7. Anti-bacterial handwash like this giant 500ml bottle of tea tree handwash, in a bottle with pump for greater hygiene - ₹300

    Get it here.

    8. This 100% natural dishwashing liquid - ₹495, made with non-ionic cocoa, water, coconut-based surfactants, soap nut and lemon oils. Vegan and cruelty-free.

    Price: ₹495 for 2 litres.

    9. A disinfectant spray for any kitchen, food prep and cleaning surfaces, like this Savlon spray, which kills 99.9% of germs - ₹159

    Price: ₹159

    10. This standing IKEA VARIERA Dish-Washing Brush - ₹286

    Price: ₹286

    11. The IKEA RASKOG Storage Utility Rack and Cart - ₹2,800 to transport dishes between the kitchen, the dining area and the sink.

    This portable utility cart is great for storing kitchen utensils and food items. The dimensions are: Length: 13.75 inches, Width: 17.75 inches, Height: 30.75 inches. Available in four colours.

    Price: ₹2,800

    12. This set of IKEA PRUTA Food Containers - ₹692 (Set of 17) is a great set of 17 basic food containers to store meal prep and leftovers, and reheat later, preventing food waste. Being transparent, they make it easy to find what you're looking for, and they can be stacked to save space in the fridge and freezer.

    Includes: 4 containers (9x9x4cm, 150ml), 3 containers (12x8x4cm, 150ml), 2 containers (12x12x4cm, 300ml), 2 containers (12x12x14cm, 1l), 2 containers (14x14x6cm, 600ml), 2 containers (14x14x16cm, 1,6l) and 2 containers (23x16x8cm, 1,8l). Not spill-proof and may leak if you try to travel with liquid contents.

    Price: ₹692

    13. The IKEA SMÄCKER Cutlery Tray (Set of 2) - ₹234 is ideal for storing your cutlery, silverware, or flatware. It can also be inserted into draws for better organisation.

    These two grey polypropylene trays measure 10x12 inches with a 2-inch height.

    Price: ₹234

    14. The IKEA FLUNDRA Dish Drainer - ₹438 has a large capacity – it can hold up to 9 glasses on the outside as well as large plates with a diameter of up to 32 cm. It is breathable, functional, and compact enough to fit in a tiny space.

    It measures 18x14.25 inches with a 4.75-inch height.

    Price: ₹438

    15. A single spoonful of this bestselling, lemony Vim Dishwash Gel - ₹133 can help deep clean a sink full of dirty dishes. It has 7000+ reviews.

    Price: ₹133

    16. This Scotch Brite Scrub Pad - ₹39 is a must-have. It's durable, long-lasting and helps scrub out tough, greasy stains.

    Price: ₹39

    17. The IKEA FINFÖRDELA Bendable Chopping Board (Set Of 2) - ₹245 makes it easy to cut food and tip it out without spilling it. It takes up far less space and is also way easier to clean than a wooden chopping board.

    It's made of polypropylene plastic and measures 11x14.5 inches with a 1 mm thickness. Comes in a set of two with one blue and one grey board.

    Price: ₹245

    18. IKEA Kitchen Towels (10 Pack) - ₹354 are perfect for wiping washed dishes. The hooks in assorted colours mean you can colour-code your cloths and also hang them.

    These cotton cleaning cloths measure 12x12 inches.

    Price: ₹354

    19. Or how about these IKEA Tea Towels (Pack of 4) - ₹449 in assorted minimalistic patterns.

    100% cotton. 50x65 cm.

    Price: ₹449

    20. This clever magnetic knife holder - ₹269 helps store knives within easy reach.

    13 inches.

    Price: ₹269

    21. This IKEA VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer - ₹866 keeps your lids well-organised. The length can be adjusted from 8.5cm to 50cm.

    Width: 14.5cm. Height: 10cm.

    Price: ₹866

    22. These resealable IKEA ziplock bags (Pack of 50) - ₹439 (made of renewable materials) to store snacks, leftovers, and even certain liquids.

    50 bags total in two sizes:

    25 yellow bags 2.5L (24x26.5 cm).

    25 white bags 1.2L (20.5x20.5 cm).

    Price: ₹439

    23. This dishwasher-safe IKEA ORDNING Cutlery Caddy - ₹340 that will help you store cutlery accessibly.

    Price: ₹340

    24. The IKEA 365+ Lunch Box With Inserts - ₹598 has 3 removable inserts so that you can separate your rice, roti, daal, subzi, salad, etc. One of the inserts has a lid, which is perfect for liquids, and the overall snap-and-lock, aroma-tight, leak-proof lid keeps food fresh, prevents spills and protects from frost damage. It's great for transporting food and storing leftovers.

    LxWxH: 21x15x6 cm. Volume: 1L.

    Price: ₹598

    25. If you like having music playing in the background while washing dishes, get the IKEA BERGENES Holder - ₹345

    Material: Bamboo, clear acrylic lacquer. Size: 13x8 inches. Suitable for mobile phones or tablets up to 11 inches.

    Price: ₹345

    26. This affordable, bestselling half-kilo Pril Dish Wash Bar - ₹48 that'll leave your dishes squeaky clean.

    Price: ₹48

    27. IKEA VARIERA Storage Box - ₹399 is an open storage box, which makes it easy for you to overview and access the contents.

    It's easy to clean, with soft, rounded corners. It measures 9.5 x 6.75 inches and is available in multiple colours like this yellow one.

    Price: ₹399

    28. IKEA PRUTA Storage Containers (Set of 3) - ₹180 are BPA-free, dishwasher and microwave-safe and can heat food up to 100°C. Perfect for storing leftovers and tossing them in the microwave later.

    Price: ₹180 for a set of three.

    29. The IKEA VARIERA Shelf Liner - ₹710 dampens sounds and protects drawers and shelves against scratching. They're easy to cut to the desired size.

    LengthxWidth: 59x19.6 inches. Area: 7500 cm² (8.07 sq feet). Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and then wiped dry.

    Price: ₹710

    30. The IKEA TOFTAN Waste Bin - ₹1,499 is lightweight and portable. The lid closes smoothly and quietly and it's easy and hygienic to empty the inner bucket, making it ideal for the kitchen.

    4-litre volume.

    Price: ₹1,499

    31. Or get this open IKEA FNISS Waste Bin if you prefer - ₹421

    3-litre volume.

    Price: ₹421

    32. These disposable plates - ₹350 (pack of 50) made of biodegradable material, so you can throw them out rather than wash dishes.

    33. These Microwave and Fridge Freezer Wipes and these Food Surface Wipes ,₹225 each (70 Pack) to clean and disinfect kitchen surfaces.

    34. These reusable kitchen rolls - ₹455 (pack of 3) that have 150 pulls per roll, are made of a non-dissolvable fabric and are washable up to 7-8 times.

    35. The IKEA TORKAD Kitchen Roll Holder - ₹479 that can stand vertically on any counter, or be affixed horizontally, and has a support bar that makes it easier to tear off the paper.


    Price: ₹479

    36. If you run through soaps and detergents quickly, this transparent and refillable SpiderJuice foam dispenser - ₹249 will help you reduce soap consumption by up to 75% and water consumption by up to 45%.

    Get it here.

    37. Swap expensive aluminium foils and plastic wraps for these oh-so-pretty, reusable Urban Creative beeswax wraps - ₹499 (Set of 3).

    The wraps are washable, made of organic materials, and can be reused as many as 100 times. The set of 3 consists of the following sizes Small - 8x8 inches, Medium - 8x11 inches, Large- 11x14 inches.

    Get it here.

    38. Instead of using 5 million different dishes, get this Prestige 1-Litre electric cooker. It lets you cook and steam grains, lentils, veggies, soups, and more at the push of a button, and you don't have to hang around monitoring the progress either -₹1,199

    Get it here.

    39. If cutting vegetables is too time-consuming, get the Prestige veggie cutter - ₹432, which is super easy to clean too.

    I use this product myself and it reduces cutting time to SECONDS. Get it here.

    40. Get this trolley-friendly IKEA TILLGÅNG Tray to keep dirty dishes on; it has a dirt-repellent and scratch-resistant surface- ₹294

    0.3 kg. 15x11 inches. Machine washable. Suitable to use both outdoors and indoors. Fits most trolleys.

    Price: ₹294

    41. Silicone storage bags- ₹525 for two extend the life of your food and prevent waste. They're freezer, dishwasher, and microwave-safe, non-toxic, air-tight, and leak-proof.

    Get it here.