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    17 Things Every Insomniac Needs For A Relaxing Bedtime Routine

    All we need is love...and a good night's sleep!

    1. Wind down for the day by turning off all media and screentime. Dim the lights and swap out white tube lights for warm yellow lights - ₹325

    2. Drop whatever you're doing and spend a few minutes meditating or doing some yoga or stretches on your yoga mat - from ₹399

    3. Have a relaxing bath or shower with a calming shower gel like Yves Roche Lavandin Blackberry bath and shower gel - ₹590

    4. For extra hydration, lather up with a natural oil beforehand like Oriental Botanics Bath & Body Oil in Spicy Rose (it's also available in Green Tea and Basil, and Jasmine and Mogra) - ₹699

    5. Lounge around in this fantastically cozy bathrobe, available in several colours and sizes - ₹899

    6. Light a candle for the warm light and relaxing aromatherapy, like the vegan Self Love candle from Summer Scents Apothecary, infused with a red berry fragrance, essential oils and healing rose quartz crystals - ₹499

    7. A good tisane aids digestion and is calming too. Brew a refreshing caffeine-free tisane like the Typhoo Refreshing Organic Peppermint Tea, which contains organic peppermint - ₹273

    8. Given that nighttime offers uninterrupted hours in a controlled environment, it's the best time for a good skincare routine. Invest in a good night time serum like the Inatur Kumkumadi Thailam - ₹810

    9. Invest in your dental hygiene by swapping out a basic toothbrush with an electronic toothbrush like the Oral B Cross Action Battery Powered Toothbrush, which has 3000+ postive ratings - ₹344

    10. Get in a positive mood with Alexa and some calming music with this 3rd Gen Echo Dot - ₹3,999

    11. Read a book that feeds your soul.

    12. Use an aroma diffuser and humidifier with essential oils to keep your room from getting stuffy and keep it smelling amazing.

    13. Keep a notebook or diary handy to journal in, write about your day, and note things you're grateful for. This minimalist book from AmazonBasics has nearly 6000 reviews - ₹299

    14. If you're sensitive to light, invest in these room-darkening blackout curtains, available in 3 sizes and 15 colours - from ₹999

    15. Let these corded foam earplugs rescue you from your sound sensitivities - ₹122

    16. Get this comfortable silk sleeping mask to shut out the world - ₹349

    17. Invest in the fabulous Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Air Purifier that will keep the air in your home fresh AF and destroy any indoor air pollutants and allergens - ₹35,900