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    13 Valentine's Day Gifts To Pamper A New Bae Without Scaring Em Off

    Issa fine balance!

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    You've only been an official "couple" for a few days or weeks or months, and along comes high-pressure Valentine's Day to test your relationship! If you want to show your new bae you care, but also don't want to overwhelm them, here are some ideas.

    1. If you're still getting to know them and would like to go with something sweet but impersonal, get them chocolates. Ferrero Rocher is always a safe bet - ₹495 (16 pieces) and ₹745 (24 pieces)

    2. Even with people you date briefly, you'll fondly remember the books, movies and music exchanged. Gift them any book you love and enjoy, and do add a personal note inside! If in doubt, a classic comic book is a lovely idea.

    3. These awesome photo clips with warm LED fairy lights will make their space look cozy, and is great if they're sentimental - ₹269.

    4. Perfume is considered a romantic gift. This popular, unisex Aqua Wave perfume from Body Cupid is a fresh scent, and an affordable option - ₹399

    5. Get this kawaii🥺 panda mug - ₹499 that is fur-fect for anyone who loves baby animals and hot beverages. 🐼☕

    6. If they like jewellery, get them these posh, bestselling Swarovski crystal hoop earrings, with over a thousand reviews - ₹259

    7. You can't go wrong with a candle like LightHaus "Simplicity" vanilla caramel candle, which has a sweet, cozy aroma, and a burn time of 32 hours - ₹499

    8. Get them vintage brass binoculars so they can spy on you like Joe on Love in the Netflix show You, if that's the kind of relationship you want - ₹533

    9. Your hot-tea will love this Happy Elephant gift box, which has 96 tea bags in 12 exotic flavours - ₹520

    10. If the person you like a *latte* likes coffee, get them the sugar-free, vegan, keto-friendly and absolutely delicious Colombia Brew Wild Vanilla coffee - ₹186

    11. They'll cherish a practical pair of socks with a fun motif like football, avocados, or whatever they're into - from ₹230

    12. Reward and enable your sassy new bae's sassiness with this "National Sarcasm Society" T-shirt - ₹298

    13. Get them a stuffed toy, like this unicorn that conveys that you think they're as cute, unique and special as it, without your actually having to say it - ₹299