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    21 Products You'll Love If You Value A Little Extra Privacy

    Because privacy is a right, a little mystery is cool, and sometimes you just want to be left alone.

    1. If home security has become a priority for you, let this bestselling Mi 360° 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera, with 7000+ reviews, come to the rescue - ₹2,698

    2. These ultra-thin, sliding webcam covers for your phone and laptop to keep the camera lenses blocked in case hackers gain access to your cam - ₹2,655 (Set of 5)

    3. Room darkening blackout curtains to keep the outside out - from ₹749

    4. These RFID sleeves contain a blocking technology that will protect your credit cards from information skimming and identity theft - ₹259 for 3

    5. These steampunk inspired unisex sunglasses that'll make you look extra mysterious and unapproachable - ₹549

    6. These sassy doormats that are a welcome alternative to basic 'Welcome' mats.

    7. The durable, elegant and minimalist backpack GODS Ghost Backpack, that has great anti-theft features and 6000+ positive reviews - ₹2,449

    8. Let these corded foam earplugs rescue you from your sound sensitivities - ₹122

    9. Get this comfortable silk sleeping mask to shut out the world - ₹349

    10. Or these extra cute sleeping masks for your best snooze yet - ₹299

    11. A great quality privacy screen for your laptop to keep people from seeing what you're upto on the screen. It also reduces harmful blue light, improves clarity, and is reversible with matte and glossy finishes - ₹1,890

    12. Frosting films for your windows, available in several sizes and patterns, that let the light in while still maintaining your privacy - from ₹249

    13. A compact, portable, and easy to install tent that can become your hideout indoors or outdoors - ₹1,399

    14. A white noise machine with ten soothing sound tracks and multiple timer settings for your best slumber yet - ₹3,679

    15. This mug that flips everyone off deep down - ₹499

    16. These 'Do Not Disturb' signs.

    17. Swap out white lights for dim, warm yellow lights - ₹225

    18. These Boat BassHeads earphones come with a clear sound, super extra bass, an extra-long cable, and a noise-isolating mic - ₹349

    19. If you want over-ear headphones, get the Bluetooth-enabled Boat Rockerz400 - from ₹1,399

    20. You absolutely need this Lenovo 1TB hard disk to back up all your precious photos, videos, music, movies, books, documents, projects, data, and rambling notes to self you might want to read a decade from now - ₹3,399

    21. And finally, high-quality Godrej padlocks for your home - ₹565 for a 14.5x14.5cm lock, or ₹250 for a 5x2cm lock.