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    31 Unique Pouffes And Ottomans To Level Up Your Home Decor

    Bring personality to your space without breaking the bank.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Round PSYGN pouffe (₹2,596)

    Psygn / Via

    Mid-century modern design, child-friendly, in a tan colour with a gold brass finish, and comfortable cushioning.

    2. Florishkart Rajasthani muda (₹549)

    Florishkart / Via

    Made of traditional embroidered and printed cotton fabrics and bamboo.

    3. Khati pouffe (₹2,311)

    Khati / Via

    Blue-and-white with embroidery, exuding Parisian-chic.

    4. Sterling foldable ottoman storage box and stool (₹549)

    Sterling / Via

    Made of cotton and MDF, with red-and-white stripes and padded seating that can seat up to 50 kg.

    5. Nestroots pouffe (₹1,595)

    Nestroots / Via

    Bohemian yet elegant, made of printed cotton with four wooden legs.

    6. Mustard Tanishkam pouffe (₹923)

    Made of knitted cotton.

    7. Assymetric PSYGN Pouffe (₹2,796)

    Psygn / Via

    Asymmetric mid-century modern design, child-friendly, in black with a gold brass finish, and comfortable cushioning.

    8. Tied Ribbons faux fur pouffe (₹1,399)

    Tied Ribbons / Via

    Made of luxe white faux fur with wooden legs.

    9. Columbus First Furniture pouffe (₹2,200)

    Columbus First Furniture / Via

    Made of sleek black leatherette.

    10. Yellow and teal MIB ottoman pouffe (₹2,499):

    MIB / Via

    Eco-friendly (made of a recycled tyre and dyed cotton ropes) with under-seat storage.

    11. Bharath mudda (₹699)

    Bharath / Via

    Lightweight, eco-friendly, and made of bamboo.

    12. Assymetric PSYGN pouffe (₹2,796)

    Psygn / Via

    Mid-century modern design, child-friendly, in an emerald colour with a gold brass finish, and comfortable cushioning.

    13. Obasix foot stool (₹1,560)

    Obasix / Via

    Made of natural pine and ideal for under desk use.

    14. Denim blue HomeStrap pouffe (₹699)

    HomeStrap / Via

    Made of canvas and filled with low-density beans.

    15. Tanishkam pouffe (₹1,599)

    Tanishkam / Via

    Made of cotton with a beautiful leaf print and calwood legs.

    16. Tanishkam Décor hand-woven pouffe (₹2,499)

    Tanishkam / Via

    Rustic and bohemian, made of cotton, with wooden legs.

    17. Round PSYGN pouffe (₹2,695)

    Psygn / Via

    Mid-century modern design, child-friendly, in a hot pink colour with a gold brass finish and comfortable cushioning.

    18. Ikiriya cushioned stool (₹1,999)

    Ikiriya / Via

    Made of multicolour Kantha work and sheesham wood legs.

    19. Multicolour Pushkar cane stools (₹1,100)

    Pushkar / Via

    Get the set of two here.

    20. Orange SIWA Style Barrel round pouffe (₹2,925)

    SIWA / Via

    Made with a wood frame, a PU foam seat, and polyester fabric upholstery. Available in six colours.

    21. Elegants pouffe (₹500)

    elegants / Via

    Fluffy, two-toned, and coffee-coloured.

    22. Gunee muda (₹595)

    Gunee / Via

    Eco-friendly and made of high-quality cane.

    23. Khati Joypop Brix bench (₹5,447)

    Khati / Via

    Made of wood and cotton and available in four colours.

    24. Maroon square SIWA pouffe (₹1,999)

    SIWA / Via

    Made of faux leather and available in four colours.

    25. SWHF knitted cotton pouffe (₹1,299)

    SWHF / Via

    Available in grey, red, navy blue, and bottle green.

    26. Encasa round floor cushion (₹698)

    Encasa / Via

    Made of 100% cotton and available in multiple dimensions and eighteen different colours.

    27. LakhanPal folding ottoman (₹1,099)

    LakhanPal / Via

    Comes in multiple colours and has ample storage.

    28. JS Home Decor stool (₹1,399)

    JS Home Decor / Via

    Made of sheesham rosewood with a dark walnut finish.

    29. Sterling foldable ottoman (₹620)

    Sterling / Via

    Has ample storage, multiple uses, and is available in five solid colours.

    30. Sprugal foldable ottoman (₹499)

    Sprugal / Via

    Comes with a beautiful vintage postal print and ample storage space.

    31. Tanissh pouffe (₹1,099)

    Tanissh / Via

    Two-toned (grey and white), made of knitted cotton, and thermocol beans.