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    45 Millennial Home Decor Trends You'll Wanna Adopt

    Drink a shot of kombucha for every piece on this list you want. You'll go down fast!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. World map artwork to signal our love of travel and "experiences, not things."

    Bonus points if your art work comes in panels! Price: ₹2,299.

    2. Tropical prints to subconsciously resist global warming and the destruction of rainforests.

    3. Brass-finish decor whose regality defies our recession-era coming-of-age.

    Brand: Psygn. Colours and styles available. Get the asymmetrical pouffes here and the round pouffes here. From ₹2,775.

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    4. A stylish bar cart to flex at your next party, because what millennial prefers going out.

    If you don't drink, stock it with non-alcoholic beverages and style it with books and showpieces. Go for a steampunk or mid-century modern design.

    Some great options:

    INDIAN DECOR Kitchen and Bar Cart: ₹4,798

    Cross Bar Trolley by Asian Arts via Pepperfry: ₹13,999

    IAW Round Bar Trolley by Peachtree via Pepperfry: ₹8,299

    5. White marble surfaces and accents, because minimalism.

    6. A rug with a classic "Moroccan trellis" pattern you'll find on every fashion blogger's Instagram.

    Brand: Sweet Homes. Sizes and colours are available. From ₹3,999.

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    7. Accessories in millennial pink and its metallic version, rose gold, because we don't believe in gender and everyone should be able to enjoy the best colour ever.

    8. A gallery wall because we love the nostalgia of printed selfies.

    9. An accent table with hairpin legs, for the love of all things mid-century modern.

    Brand: Casa Decor. Get it here for ₹1,299.

    10. A modern update to the classic Chesterfield sofa in colours like "avocado green".

    Leatherette material, with a matte finish.

    Durian Elton Three Seater Sofa - ₹53,560.

    11. Sustainable materials like wicker, rattan, and cane. They're everywhere in furniture, storage, and lighting.

    12. All things terrazzo - a gorgeous smooth material textured with chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, etc.

    The Label Life, styled by none other than Sussanne Roshan, Malaika Arora, and Bipasha Basu, has some beautiful, locally-sourced terrazzo home products.

    Get them here.

    13. Your initials as a showpiece to remind everyone what the coolest letter of the alphabet is.

    Brand: Letter-O-Holic. Colours, letters and styles available.

    Get it on Amazon from ₹499.

    14. A folding tray so we can snack and binge-watch from the comfort of our beds!

    15. The "it" chair of our generation: replicas of the Eames DSW chair. This is a quintessential mid-mod piece of furniture with clean design, a shell shape, and distinctive legs.

    16. Sassy quotes in Hindi.

    Log Kya Kahengey poster - ₹305

    Khubsurat quote - ₹303

    PRINTELLIGENT has many posters that embody this trend. Get them here.

    17. Doormats with personality.

    Atmah and Onlymat, both available on Amazon, have some amazing ones!

    18. A favourite scented candle, and usually, a whole collection.

    Treat yourself to one from Bath And Body Works, which has recently launched in India.

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    19. Velvet, particularly jewel tones, particularly in the living room.

    20. A chunky knit throw blanket that's incredibly hygge.

    21. A Himalayan pink salt lamp that cleanses and purifies the atmosphere.

    Weight: 4 -5 kg. Suitable for a room up to 12 square metres. Comes with a cable and two Philips bulbs. Price: ₹1,599.

    22. Mixing colours and textures, as embodied by the rainbow wall hanging trend.

    Brand: Paperiva. Price: ₹485.

    23. A fantastic yoga mat to exercise, meditate, and stay centred.

    VI Fitkit has highly rated yoga mats in many sizes. From ₹419.

    24. An aroma diffuser with essential oils because aromatherapy is mainstream for millennials. #selfcare

    25. Zodiac-themed products because astrology is a millennial's true religion.

    SCPmarts on Amazon has ceramic Zodiac mugs (325 ml). From ₹439.

    26. Floating and open shelves to show off our latest reads and showpieces.

    27. Agate coasters, usually with a gold trim reflecting our love for natural, organic luxury.

    Made of natural agate. Aqua colour with gold trim. 3.5 to 4.5 inch diameter. 8 mm thick.

    coasters'N'more - ₹1,428 (Set of 4)

    28. Brush lettering and bridesmaid font items because we're optimistic like that.

    29. Indoor plants like cacti and succulents, so you can truthfully tell your Tinder dates you're an "urban farmer."

    30. Whimsical motifs, usually with a tropical vibe. Popular options include: pineapple, avocado, flamingo, owl, cactus, tropical leaves, French bulldog, and unicorn.

    31. LED string lights add coziness and romance to any space, while also having that raw industrial look millennials adore.

    LTETTES brand, from ₹492.

    32. For a more modern take on string lights, try neon signs and cinematic lightboxes that let you keep changing and customising the message.

    33. A Tarot card deck to guide us through an uncertain future.

    The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck is the world's most popular deck. It features beautiful artwork on matte finish with superior varnish for easy shuffling. Price: ₹1,231.

    34. Seemingly vintage analog clocks to prove how "real" we are, even though we look at our phones more.

    35. The "Grandmillennial" decor trend, which involves appreciation for old-fashioned and outdated styles that your grandma might like, such as wicker (#11 of this list), floral chintz, needlepoint, decoupage, etc.

    36. A multi-functional and sustainable woven round pouffe, in this millennial-approved mustard colour.

    37. Decorative pillows with a motif personal to you, like playful monkey emojis that perfectly embody millennial love of texting.

    Price: ₹599.

    38. Vintage Edison bulbs in your favourite shape.

    39. Board games, though technically not decor, often occupy a place of pride in millennial living rooms.

    40. A room divider for privacy if you, like many millennials, have housemates.

    Mango wood, distressed finish. Price: ₹6,499.

    41. Bohemian macrame and tassel hangings.

    42. Strategically placed natural healing crystals.

    RR Sheikh Gems has amazing options from ₹299.

    43. A beautiful bedspread that doubles up as wall tapestry. Mandala designs are especially popular.

    Tiger Exports has some beautiful options. Get them here.

    44. All things IKEA!

    Millennials love the ready-to-assemble Swedish furniture brand for its functional and minimalistic aesthetic and DIY opportunities.

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    45. And no millennial home is complete without an Amazon Echo Dot to get answers from Alexa, play songs, and turn your home into a smart home.

    Colours available. From ₹3,499 for 3rd Gen model.