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    18 Must-Haves To Nail The Instagram Baddie Look

    ♪Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines, Buy myself all of my favourite things. ♪

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    The Baddie Subculture

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    If you're on Instagram or any kind of social media, you can't have missed the bold and fun Instagram Baddie subculture!

    Urban Dictionary describes Instagram baddies as having a style that's "a mix of classy meets badass" (think celebrities like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, or Fashion Nova models). Baddies may be notorious for their fabulous makeup, thirst traps, and on-trend style, but it's body confidence and confidence online and IRL that is key to being a true baddie.

    If you're interested in nailing the Instagram baddie aesthetic, read on!

    1. Perfect eyebrows.

    Tumblr / Via, Wet n Wild / Via

    Perfect, full eyebrows are a trademark of the Instagram baddie. Get yours with this Wet n Wild Retracable Eyebrow Pencil. It's ideal for brunettes and is cruelty-free. Its angled tip is great for precise application and what's more, it includes a spoolie brush!

    Get it here: Wet n Wild Retracable Eyebrow Pencil, Medium Brown, ₹299.

    2. Bold or nude lips.

    Sugar / Via, Maybelline / Via

    The Insta baddie typically favours a bold or a nude lip. The bold lip is usually in dark shades of maroon and plum. The nude lip closely matches their unique skin tone and sometimes has a hint of pink. Matte is the preferred finish though a nude gloss is often spotted too. Whichever you choose, overline slightly with a lip liner in a shade that closely matches your lipstick.

    For a bold lip, we recommend:

    SUGAR Cosmetics 16 Bare Flair (Rose Brown), ₹473

    For a nude lip, try:

    Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, 65 Seductress, ₹453

    Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick, 657 Nude Nuance, ₹238

    For a clear gloss:

    Lotus Makeup Lip Glass Angel, Nude Pink, ₹343

    For a lip liner:

    SUGAR Cosmetics Lip Liner, 02 Wooed By Nude, ₹499

    3. Extra, extra long lashes.

    PAC, Vega / Via

    The longer the lashes, the closer you are to heaven! Insta baddies achieve this look through a combination of lash curling, mascara, and false lashes.

    Here are some of the best products you can use:

    PAC Mink Lash (M79), ₹337

    PAC Lash Fixer Eyelash Adhesive, ₹354

    Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara, Waterproof, Black, ₹263

    Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler, ₹105

    4. Precise winged liner.

    Lakme / Via, Twitter / Via Twitter: @boomer_fashion

    What's a greater flex than the perfect winged liner? We recommend the Lakmé Absolute Shine Liquid Eye Liner in Black, ₹259.

    5. On-fleek nails.

    Nykaa / Via, Color Blast / Via

    Insta baddies favour long, Cardi-B-esque nails in a coffin or stiletto shape. Though you see all colours, black, nude, and maroon are the most favoured shades. Matte texture is preferred. For those who aren't keen on long talons, short nails in the same preferred shapes and colours would work too.

    If you want to go the press-on nail route, check out:

    Colour Blast Resuable Artificial Nails Set Of 100 Pcs, ₹225

    Long or short, we recommend the following nail polishes:

    Sugar Cosmetics 031 Black In Business, ₹199

    Nykaa Nail Enamel 54 Lavender Buttercream, ₹239

    Faces Nail Enamel 401, Marooned, ₹109

    6. Nail art.

    Lifestyle-You / Via, Lifestyle-You / Via, Grapits / Via, FOK / Via

    Some baddies are big on nail art. For DIY nail art products, explore:

    FOK 3D Self Adhesive Nail Art Stickers - Set of 10 Pieces, ₹221

    Lifestyle-You Nail Stamping Kit, ₹799

    Grapits Metallic Nail Stickers, ₹269

    Lifestyle-You™ 48 Glass Bottles 3D Nail Art Set, ₹450

    7. Glowing highlighter.

    Maybelline / Via

    When it comes to highlighter, more is more for the Insta baddie! Applying it to your cheekbone and brow bone is mandatory. Optionally, highlight your forehead, the centre of your nose, and your Cupid's Bow too. A champagne highlighter (a mix of gold and silver) is universally flattering for all skin tones.

    For a cream highlighter to create a dewy look with, we recommend the Maybelline Face Studio Strobing Stick, Nude, ₹421. For a powder formula that works better for a matte makeup look, use the PAC Baked Highlighter 02 (Iconic), ₹831.

    8. On-point contour.

    Pinterest / Via, Maybelline / Via

    They came, they saw, they contoured! The goal of contouring is to sculpt the face to look as oval-shaped as possible-- with a narrow forehead, narrow chin and fullest at the cheekbones. The key to contouring is restraint. (For instance, if you already have a narrow chin, don't further contour it.) Use a contour shade that's just a couple of shades darker than your skin tone and blend well so it looks very naturally sculpted.

    We recommend:

    Maybelline Contour Palette, Light to Medium, ₹1,802

    Maybelline Contour Palette, Medium to Deep, ₹2,022

    9. A gleaming smile.

    Royal Needs / Via

    Super clean, white teeth are a part of the Insta baddie aesthetic. The Royal Needs Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder (₹349) is enamel safe, suitable for sensitive teeth, and will help you remove stains and whiten your teeth naturally.

    Get it here.

    10. A striking fanny pack.

    Mounchain / Via

    When not wearing a designer-inspired bag, Insta baddies are spotted with a fanny pack. They're single-handedly responsible for bringing this streetwear staple back in fashion. This holographic Mounchain Fanny Pack (₹587) can be worn around your waist, on your shoulder or cross body. Perfect for storing key belongings and keeping your hands free for texting and selfies!

    11. A simple sneaker.

    Vendoz / Via

    Despite the resurgence of the "ugly sneaker," a simple sneaker in a neutral colour remains favoured by the Insta baddie. We love the popular and affordable Vendoz Women's Sneakers, from ₹341 . It's available in six colours (white, black, grey, pink, green, and blue) and in multiple sizes.

    Get it here.

    12. A chic and comfy hoodie.

    A great sweatshirt (ideally a hooded one) is comfortable and helps baddies nail their model off-duty look. We love these Alan Jones sweatshirts, from ₹599. Available in multiple colours and in sizes from Small to XXXL.

    13. PopSockets for your phone.

    PopSockets / Via

    PopSockets offer a secure grip so you can text with one hand and snap better photos. It also keeps your phone from falling and functions as a convenient stand for your device. It's repositionable and sticks to most devices and cases. Not to mention, it looks stylish AF, making it a baddie power accessory!

    Available in multiple styles.

    Get it here, from ₹499.

    14. Hoop earrings.

    Every baddie needs a pair of hoops for her bestie to hold when she gets into an internet scuffle. We love this Yellow Chimes Set of Three Hoop Earrings (₹199) in Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver.

    15. A choker collection.

    Choker necklaces are very flattering and go well with earrings. Every baddie has a collection of them, usually in lace and faux leather. Get the Shining Diva Choker Set (₹299). Seven to ten chokers are included!

    16. A stylish travel mug.

    The Addox Tumbler (₹399) in Sky Red colour holds upto 250 ml and is ideal for cold and room temperature beverages. It's non-toxic and is also available in blue and green colours.

    If you need a tumbler to store both cold and hot drinks, get the beautiful ombre stainless steel Frabble8 Sipper (₹1,045). It has a 480 ml capacity, provides up to two hours of vacuum insulation, and even includes cleaning brushes.

    17. Applique patches.

    Fancyku / Via, MagiDeal / Via, Segolike / Via, Segolike / Via

    Applique patches add a cute, whimsical DIY touch to the baddie aesthetic. They look best on plain tees and denim items like jeans and jackets. Each set comes with its own instructions for applying them to your clothes.

    Get them here:

    Segolike 10 Patches, ₹275

    Segolike 12 Sequin Patches, ₹351

    MagiDeal 14 Patches, ₹286

    Fancyku 15 Patches, ₹373

    18. Trendy earphones.

    A pair of trendy AF earphones in a neutral colour is a must for baddies to rock out in peace and style to "Thank U, Next". We recommend the Boat BassHeads in-Ear Headphones with Mic, ₹349, in Black, White or Taffy Pink.

    Get it here.