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    18 Must-Haves To Nail The Instagram Baddie Look

    ♪Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines, Buy myself all of my favourite things. ♪

    The Baddie Subculture

    1. Perfect eyebrows.

    2. Bold or nude lips.

    3. Extra, extra long lashes.

    4. Precise winged liner.

    5. On-fleek nails.

    6. Nail art.

    7. Glowing highlighter.

    8. On-point contour.

    9. A gleaming smile.

    10. A striking fanny pack.

    11. A simple sneaker.

    12. A chic and comfy hoodie.

    13. PopSockets for your phone.

    14. Hoop earrings.

    15. A choker collection.

    16. A stylish travel mug.

    17. Applique patches.

    18. Trendy earphones.