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    59 IKEA Products Your Dining Area Will Thank You For

    For anyone whose hobbies are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


    IKEA finally arrived in India last year, with a store in Hyderabad so big it should have its own PIN code. It's practically a tourist attraction.

    Lucky for us, we can now buy many pieces on Amazon! Please note:

    - Some of the prices on Amazon may be slightly higher than on the IKEA website (which doesn't deliver pan-India yet), but within MRP.
    - Assembly services are not provided. IKEA furniture is famous for being DIY, which is quite fun, and great to do with friends.

    1. IKEA GLADOM Tray Table - ₹2,049

    45x53 cm. This lightweight tray table has a removable tray for serving, with edges that make it easy to carry and reduce the risk of glasses or bowls sliding off. The surface is durable and easy to clean, since it’s made from powder-coated steel.

    Price: ₹2,049

    2. IKEA ORTFYLLD Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set - ₹699

    Set of 2 stainless steel and glass bottles in holder.

    Price: ₹699

    These holders will keep your napkins together, looking upright and tidy.

    Get them here:

    IKEA TILLSTÄLLNING Napkin Holder - ₹674

    IKEA LIKSIDIG Napkin Holder - ₹490

    4. IKEA BLANDA Serving Bowl - From ₹598

    Various sizes available, from a diameter of 5 inches onwards, to serve various kinds of food. Dishwasher safe.

    Price: From ₹598

    5. IKEA TEMPERERAD Coffee/Tea Measure And Clip - ₹330

    Material: stainless steel, metallized.

    Price: ₹330

    This portable utility cart is great for storing kitchen utensils and food items. The dimensions are: Length: 13.75 inches, Width: 17.75 inches, Height: 30.75 inches. Available in four colours.

    Price: ₹2,800

    7. IKEA PRODUKT Milk Frother - ₹342

    This handheld, battery-powered frother frothes milk in 15-20 seconds, creating that cafe-perfect texture! It can be used for both cold and hot milk. Note that the batteries are sold separately – 2 AA 1.5v (Lr6) required.

    Price: ₹342

    8. IKEA TOKIG Salad Spinner - ₹498

    This salad spinner can be used to wash and remove excess water from salad greens. It also helps salad dressing to stick to the leaves without dilution. The bowl can be used for serving too. Its made of polypropylene and a synthetic rubber material and measures 6x9 inches.

    Price: ₹498

    9. IKEA MARIUS Stool - ₹598

    Tested for: 220 lb. Seat diameter: 12.6 inches. Seat height: 17.75 inches, Width: 15.75 inches.

    Price: ₹598

    11. Ikea Aluminium Bowl - ₹620

    A decorative bowl that can be used to store and display snacks, flowers and more.

    6 inch diameter.

    Price: ₹620

    12. IKEA BLOMNING Coffee/Tea Tin - ₹356

    4x4x4 inches. Made of tinplated steel with paint.

    Price: ₹356

    13. IKEA FÄRGRIK Mugs (Set of Four) - ₹729


    This trendy set of four stoneware mugs is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

    They hold about 250 ml and are about 4.25 inches tall.

    Price: ₹729

    14. IKEA GRUNKA 4-piece Utelsil Set - ₹699

    Includes: 11-inch ladle, 13-inch spatula, 13-inch spoon, 13-inch spaghetti server. All stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

    Price: ₹699

    15. IKEA Microwave Splatter Cover - ₹298

    This plastic microwave splatter cover is to be placed over food while warming it. It comes with several small holes to release steam, while also preventing food from splattering while microwaving. It fits most microwave ovens, including smaller models. It has a 10-inch diameter and a 4-inch height.

    Price: ₹298

    16. IKEA KONCIS Garlic Press - ₹417

    This stainless steel garlic press comes with an insert that can be removed for easier cleaning. It can be used for unpeeled cloves of garlic too.

    Price: ₹417

    17. IKEA KALAS Tableware (18 pieces) - ₹489

    Multicolor. BPA-free plastic. Includes: 6 bowls, 6 plates and 6 tumblers. Scratch resistant and grip-friendly.

    Price: ₹489

    18. IKEA PRUTA Food Containers (Set of 17) - ₹692

    This is a great set of 17 basic food containers to store meal prep and leftovers, and reheat later, preventing food waste. Being transparent, it makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Can be stacked to save space in the fridge and freezer.

    Includes: 4 containers (9x9x4cm, 150ml), 3 containers (12x8x4cm, 150ml), 2 containers (12x12x4cm, 300ml), 2 containers (12x12x14cm, 1l), 2 containers (14x14x6cm, 600ml), 2 containers (14x14x16cm, 1,6l) and 2 containers (23x16x8cm, 1,8l). Not spill-proof and may leak if you try to travel with liquid contents.

    Price: ₹692

    19. IKEA BEVARA Sealing Clip (Pack of 30) - ₹248

    These plastic-sealing clips are freezer safe and dishwasher safe and will keep your food fresh.

    Price: ₹248 for a pack of 30.

    20. IKEA HEAT Pot Stand (Pack of 3) - ₹296

    These cork trivets have a 7-inch diameter and help protect surfaces against heat damage. You can also combine several pot stands to fit larger pots and dishes.

    Price: ₹296 for a pack of three.

    21. IKEA SMÄCKER Cutlery Tray (Set of 2) - ₹234

    These two grey polypropylene trays are ideal for storing your cutlery, silverware, or flatware. It can also be inserted into draws for better organisation. They measure 10x12 inches with a 2-inch height.

    Price: ₹234

    22. IKEA RATJAN Spice Jars (Set of 4) - ₹285

    These glass spice jars with aluminum lids are ideal for storing spices. Being transparent, it's easy to find what you're looking for.

    Price: ₹285 for four jars.

    23. IKEA Kitchen Towels (10 Pack) - ₹354

    These cotton cleaning cloths measure 12x12 inches and are suitable for cleaning dishes. The hooks in assorted colours mean you can colour-code your cloths and also hang them.

    Price: ₹354

    24. IKEA REGOLIT Pendant Lampshade - ₹749

    Materials: Rice paper.

    Diameter: 17.75 inches.

    Price: ₹749

    25. IKEA PLASTIS Ice Cube Tray - ₹348

    Make cool fish-shaped ice cubes with this synthetic rubber ice cube tray. Made to be filled with water.

    Price: ₹348

    26. IKEA KALAS Tumblers in Assorted Colors (Pack of 6) - ₹194

    These brightly-coloured tumbler mugs are BPA-free, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. They're a popular choice for children. Each mug holds about 230 ml.

    Price: ₹194 for a pack of six.


    Another popular choice for children, that go with the glasses above!

    Price: ₹213 for a pack of six.

    28. IKEA MOPSIG Cutlery (Set of 12) - ₹374

    This modern stainless steel cutlery set has a high mirror polish finish and is comfortable to hold. It includes four table spoons, four forks, and four tea spoons.

    All stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe.

    Price: ₹374

    50 bags total in two sizes:

    25 yellow bags 2.5L (24x26.5 cm).

    25 white bags 1.2L (20.5x20.5 cm).

    Price: ₹439

    30. IKEA KALAS Mug (Set of 12) - ₹375

    This set of plastic mugs are great for everyday use. They are BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher safe, hold about 230 ml each and can be used by babies too.

    Price: ₹375 for a set of twelve.

    31. IKEA ORDNING Cutlery Caddy - ₹340

    Ideal for storing cutlery accessibly. Dishwasher safe.

    Price: ₹340

    32. IKEA AVSKILD Place Mat (Set of 4) - ₹760

    This heat-resistant cork placemat protects your table top from hot dishes and reduces noise from cutlery. It measures16.5x12.5 inches.

    Price: ₹760 for four pieces.

    This carafe is made of a heat-resistant glass pitcher with a functional cork stopper lid. It can be used for all types of beverages as well as for decanting and serving wine. The size fits neatly into the fridge door, while the mouth is large enough for ice cubes and sliced fruits. An elegant way to serve juice, ice tea, cold-brewed coffee, apple cider, water, and more!

    Price: ₹729

    34. IKEA RISATORP Basket - ₹1,269

    Ideal for storing and displaying fruits and vegetables. Can also be taken for fruit picking or grocery shopping, or used to store other (non-perishable, non-food) items.

    Price: ₹1,269

    35. IKEA CHOSIGT Ice Lolly Maker - ₹299

    Fill these moulds with your favourite fruit juice, squash, or smoothie, and freeze to make ice lollies or ice-cream. Contains 6 moulds. 4 inches each. BPA free. To loosen mould, rinse with lukewarm water

    Price: ₹299

    36. IKEA BEHOVD Vacuum Flask - ₹558

    This light green vacuum flask keeps contents warm or cold for up to six hours. You don’t need to remove the lid entirely when you pour. Holds 1 litre.

    Price: ₹558

    37. IKEA BERGENES Holder - ₹345

    Material: Bamboo, clear acrylic lacquer. Size: 13x8 inches. Suitable for mobile phones or tablets up to 11 inches.

    Price: ₹345

    38. IKEA LILL Sheer Curtains (Set of 2) - ₹692

    These sheer, white curtains are 100% polyester and include a set of two panels, each measuring 98 x 110 inches.

    Price: ₹692

    39. IKEA FRAMKALLA Mixed Pattern Mugs (Set of 4) - ₹780

    200ml each. 3-inch height. Pack of 4. Made of stoneware and coloured glaze.

    Microwave-safe. Dishwasher-safe.

    Price: ₹780

    40. IKEA VARIERA Storage Box - ₹399

    This open storage box makes it easy for you to overview and access the contents. It's easy to clean, with soft rounded corners. It measures 9.5 x 6.75 inches and is available in multiple colours like this yellow one.

    Price: ₹399

    41. IKEA LÄMPLIG Stainless Steel Trivet - ₹648

    This stainless steel trivet has plastic feet to prevent scratching and make the steel non-heat-conducting. It measures 11 x 19.5 inches.

    Price: ₹648

    42. IKEA DOLD Sugar Shaker - ₹385

    Made of clear glass and stainless steel, this sugar shaker pours a small amount every time, allowing you to control the portions.

    Price: ₹385

    43. IKEA IDEALISK Flour Sifter - ₹486

    This stainless steel flour sifter is 3.75 inches tall and has a diameter of 4.25 inches. It's dishwasher-safe.

    Price: ₹486

    44. IKEA MELLTORP Table - ₹4,748

    This modern, minimalist table is perfect for the kitchen or a small dining area. It has a 29.5 x 29.5 inches surface and a 29.2-inch height.

    Price: ₹4,748

    45. IKEA ADDE Chair - ₹999

    This chic chair is comfortable to sit on, lightweight, easy to carry and stack one on top of the other. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. Available in four colours.

    Price: ₹999

    46. IKEA VARIERA Shelf Liner - ₹710

    These shelf liners dampen sounds and protect drawers and shelves against scratching. They're easy to cut to the desired size. LengthxWidth: 59x19.6 inches. Area: 7500 cm² (8.07 sq feet). Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and then wiped dry.

    Price: ₹710

    47. IKEA FÖRDUBBLA 2-Piece Knife Set - ₹365

    Includes 1 Cook's knife 14 cm (total length 27 cm) and 1 paring knife - 7 cm (tot. length 17 cm). Stainless steel blade, plastic handle.

    Price: ₹365

    48. IKEA 365+ Coaster and Cup Holder - ₹170

    These cup holders and coasters are made of absorbent cork, protecting surfaces from heat and moisture. They measure about 4 inches.

    Price: ₹170

    49. IKEA Minimalistic Wall Clock - ₹298

    7.75-inch diameter. Silent quartz movement.

    Price: ₹298

    50. IKEA Tea Towel (Pack of 4) - ₹449

    100% cotton. 50x65 cm.

    Price: ₹449

    51. IKEA SVALKA Red Wine Glass (Set of 6) - ₹4,299

    236ml each. Set of 6.

    Price: ₹4,299

    52. IKEA OUMBÄRLIG 7-piece Cookware Set - ₹7,999

    Suitable for all types of cooktops, including induction. Includes 5L Pot with lid, 3L pot with lid, 2L saucepan with lid, frying pan.

    Price: ₹7,999

    53. IKEA UPPLADDA Infuser Bottle - ₹679

    This portable infuser bottle includes a straw and a dry compartment for protein powder, vitamins, extra fruits.

    Price: ₹679

    54. IKEA OSTRON 12-piece Cutlery Set - ₹600

    Includes: Fork, knife and spoon, 4 of each.

    Price: ₹600

    55. IKEA TILLGÅNG Tray - ₹294

    0.3 kg. 15x11 inches. Dirt-repellent and scratch-resistant surface. Machine washable. Suitable to use both outdoors and indoors. Fits most trolleys.

    Price: ₹294

    57. Ikea GNARP 3 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set - ₹254

    Includes: cooking tweezers - 29 cm, spoon - 28 cm, and turner - 31 cm. Suitable for use with pots and pans that have non-stick coating.

    Price: ₹254

    58. IKEA STUGVIK Suction Hooks - ₹499

    These hooks are easy to install and perfect for holding small towels and more.

    Price: ₹499

    59. IKEA RINNIG Soap Dispenser - ₹573

    This light green soap dispenser is easy to refill and good for the environment.

    Price: ₹573


    Time to get cooking like a pro!