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    24 Hot Hair Accessories For Every Hair Length In 2020

    Cue constant hair flips.

    1. These large word hair clips that you've probably seen on Instagram fashion influencers - from ₹199

    2. These velvet scrunchies that have been trending for months and are still going strong - ₹198 (set of 12)

    3. These minimalistic clips that make a big statement nonetheless - ₹275 (Set of 4)

    4. These draped bow scrunchies with a Versace-ish print that were popular in the 1950s and have recently made a comeback- ₹790 (Set of 6)

    5. These pom-pom hairbands that look a bit like Rosalía's hair ties in the Con Altura video - ₹219

    6. If your bobby pins are lying somewhere rusting, you'll want to stock up on these flat bobby pins because they're going to be trending super hard super soon - ₹170 (pack of 50)

    7. These sporty and boho criss-cross floral headbands that will take you from brunch to the gym - from ₹229

    8. These multicolour bows that everyone's going to be wearing in the coming months because bows in general were all over Fashion Week - ₹270 (pack of 20)

    9. A clip-on fringe for those who love bangs but can't commit to them for long - ₹279

    10. A shimmery knot hairband that's so Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl - ₹249

    11. These snap-on pearl hair clips that are SO fashionable right now - from ₹219

    12. These telephone wire hair ties that are great on everyone, but especially on curly-haired cuties - ₹229

    13. Were flower crowns ever even out of fashion? (They're a classic IMHO.) Get your manic pixie dream girl shmood on with these - ₹299 for the pink-and-white and ₹199 for the multicolour flower crown.

    14. These practical and cute multicolour tic-tac clips - ₹399 (Pack of 20)

    15. This high-quality boho, sporty unisex head band that will keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold - ₹999

    16. This timeless metallic leaf hair clip - ₹339

    17. These pearl and rhinestone metal barrettes - from ₹199

    18. Oversized padded hair bands are everywhere right now. They add height to you and provide a natural, flattering contour by making your forehead appear wider, and your chin relatively smaller - from ₹139

    19. These retro banana hair clips in shell and black colours that are no longer just your amma and amomma's style. (Who knew they were such influencers?) - ₹299

    20. Ditto for this rose flower hair clip you'll want to casually wear around, and also wear to shaadis - ₹139 (Pack Of 2)

    21. This metal roses hair band with an elastic back that looks like a casual crown - ₹197

    22. These gold maple leaf hair clips that are perfect for fall and winter - ₹360 (Set of 2)

    23. These metailic snap clips that are great for affixing extensions and also look at home in your industrial coffee shop or co-working space - ₹169 (12 pieces)

    24. And this stunning white metal tiara because you're a kween - ₹399