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    24 Festive Decorations To Elevate Your Home This Diwali

    Festival season will be LIT with these evergreen decorations and decor.

    1. These paisa vasool tealight candles - ₹289 (Set of 100) are unscented, smokeless and don't leave behind any soot residue. Each candle burns for nearly three hours and can be used with or without a candle holder.

    2. These silk Pink Parrot cushion covers - ₹469 (Set of 5), each in a different colour with gold motifs will bring an elegant vibrance to any room.

    3. This jute area rug - ₹799 will add a riot of colour to any space. Available in various shapes and sizes.

    circular jute rug, multicoloured

    4. If you're looking for an akhand diya to scatter beautiful patterns on your walls, we love these brass-and-glass ones from Wacky, Borosil and Collectible India.

    5. Spruce up walls, backsplash and furniture with mosaic and mandala decals.

    6. This set of two hanging toran cages -₹519 or some artificial marigold garlands - ₹399 are bound to brighten up any wall or door!

    7. This rotating spice rack - ₹799 will store all your different cooking spices and look decorative too.

    8. Colourful pouffes and floor cushions are a must as extra seating for when your gazillion friends and relatives come over.

    9. Refresh your space with a transitional style rug in colourful jewel tones or earthy tones. A slightly distressed look can also look very modern.

    10. A labour-intensive DIY idea that will look absolutely gorgeous is to use block-printing stamps or rangoli stencils to create patterns and murals on your walls.

    11. This traditional brass uruli -₹1,099 crafted by artisans in Moradabad is bound to become a family heirloom. It's perfect for floating flowers and candles. Available in multiple sizes.

    12. These floating rose candles - ₹299 (Set of 8) are smokeless and available in seven different colours and fragrances.

    13. These diyas -₹349 are handmade from terracotta clay and available in many different, colourful designs.

    14. These LED light strings - ₹599 will add serious oomph to any indoor or outdoor space. Suitable for walls, curtains and anywhere really. Available in two lengths and eight flashing modes.

    15. This gorgeous, multi-colour embroidered umbrella - ₹395 makes for a great statement piece, both as a single item and in multiples too.

    16. A vintage trunk is great for storing all your things, and is a cute decor item too.

    17. This bangle set - ₹629 will look great laid out in a bowl or basket. Guests can even take some home as a party favour. This multi-colour pack of 144 metal bangles comes in 12 colours with a gold pattern. They're nickel and lead-free and anti-allergic.

    18. These handmade and handpainted bird wind chimes - ₹199 will add relaxing wind song acoustics to your home.

    19. This colourful brass dinner bell -₹370 is ideal for rounding up your family or a big group of friends for meals. A novelty decor item that will be a fun household staple for years to come.

    20. These honeycomb decorations - ₹299 are great for Diwali and many other special occasions too.

    21. These reusable acrylic rangolis - ₹285 are available in multiple colours and are a low-maintenance alternative if you're not keen to handle labour-intensive rangoli powder.

    22. Finally, install a jhula or swing for a perfect nook for reading and relaxation.