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    31 Everyday Cosy Things To Treat Yourself To This Autumn

    Get ready to fall in love with fall. 🍁🕯️ 🎃☕🍂


    1. It may be sweater weather, but can we all agree that hoodies are a 21st-century wardrobe staple? This modern classic is both practical and stylish. The bestselling hoodie on Amazon India is from Alan Jones, which offers high-quality men's and women's cotton slim-fit hoodies in several classic and bright colours. 🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏾‍♀️

    Men's hoodies - from ₹499

    Women's hoodies - from ₹499

    2. A seasonal candle, like Miniso's Vanilla Latte candle or Apple Sake candle.

    3. A piping hot cup of masala chai.

    Yes, we know. Your desi ancestors are probably reeling at the words "instant chai premix." Chai is customarily made from scratch. But these Girnar Masala Chai premixes are SO delicious and immensely popular (just read the rave reviews!) You can make a piping hot cup just by mixing the contents of the sachet with hot water.

    Price: ₹126 for 10 sachets.

    4. These copper string lights with wooden clips will change up the look of your walls and make your space feel cosy.

    5. These plush terry cotton bathrobes that'll keep you comfortable after a bath, and are also stylish enough to lounge around the house in.

    Sizes and colours available.

    Price: 1,299 per robe.

    6. The IKEA Holmo, a standing lamp with 3000+ positive reviews, or the IKEA REGOLIT, a pendant lamp, both of which are made of delicate rice paper.

    7. A soft, textured throw blanket to curl up with, in your favourite colour.

    This throw is made of high quality natural cotton yarn and is baby and pet-friendly.

    Price: ₹899

    8. 4700BC Himalayan Salt Caramel Popcorn, a delicious gluten-free snack, having 0 grams of trans fat per serving. It's cholesterol-free and made of certified non-GMO corn and Himalayan pink salt, with no MSG.

    Price: ₹350 for 325 grams.

    9. A good space heater to keep you warm during those colder nights.

    10. Hygge (pronounced "hoo-guh") is a Danish concept often defined as: "a quality of cosiness (feeling warm, comfortable, and safe) that comes from doing simple things." Denmark is consistently ranked as the happiest country in the world and The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking offers practical steps and tips to live in a more hygge way.

    11. This wonderful set of five natural healing crystals that includes: clear quartz, green aventurine, Tiger Eye, carnelian, and tourmaline. Over thirty different crystal sets are available on the same listing.

    Price: ₹299 for these five stones.

    12. A creative autumn-themed sleeping mask with a detachable cooling pack and a black cat motif that you'll want to use while travelling, on a night shift, or even on a regular night when you want some high-quality shut-eye. To use the cooling portion, you can pop it into the refrigerator and then insert into the mask for extra relaxation.

    13. This RVA decorative electric fireplace that comes with a remote. It has two power settings (1000W/2000W), a seven colour LED flame, and a timer of up to 9 hours.

    14. This range of fleece hoodies - from ₹549 with cutest cat faces will keep you feline good!

    Colours and styles available.

    Fleece hoodies - from ₹549

    15. Preserves made of seasonal fruits, like the Mackay's blueberry and blackcurrant preserve, which is made in Scotland of 100% natural whole fruit. It's vegetarian and suitable for a gluten-free diet. Perfect for spreading over buttered toast or adding to yoghurt or cereal.

    Price: ₹580 for 340 grams.

    16. A tisane, which is like a non-caffeinated, herbal tea because sometimes you need a piping hot infusion of fruits and spices to restore your soul.

    These "teas" don't contain any tea or caffeine, but rather are herbal teas, tisanes, or fruit or spice infusions. Typhoo Cleansing Organic Root Remedy Tea is made of turmeric, ginseng, cinnamon, and ginger while Typhoo Orange Spicer Fruit Infusion Tea is a blend of orange, clove, cinnamon, and ginger.


    Typhoo Cleansing Organic Root Remedy Tea, ₹210

    Typhoo Orange Spicer Fruit Infusion Tea, ₹250

    17. St. Ives exfoliating oatmeal scrub and mask, made with completely natural exfoliants, which promises to smooth away dryness and make skin texture more even.

    18. Beloved board games to pass the time.

    See a list of awesome board games here.

    19. A long-lasting unisex fragrance inspired by the mountains

    A Fragrance Story's Ladakh Eau De Parfum has spicy "Oriental" notes inspired by the tranquil conditions of Ladakh. It's skin-friendly and made of saffron, lavender, pepper, davana, and oud. Each application lasts for 6-8 hours.

    Price: ₹549

    20. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills have "luscious chocolate filling enrobed within a perfectly baked rich cookie outer." It's particularly delicious as a dipping biscuit to dunk into a hot cup of tea or coffee.

    Price: ₹81 for 300 grams.

    21. This set of twelve nail polishes in classic, fall-approved colours

    NOY Quick Dry One Stroke Color comes as a set of twelve (6ml) bottles.

    Price: ₹315 for the set.

    22. The brand Iris has apple-cinnamon scented reed diffuser, potpourri and spray, a classic fall fragrance.

    23. Since you're probably dealing still dealing with the fallout of monsoon humidity, this Absorbia odour buster - ₹194 removes excess moisture, fungus, mould and more that lingers in cupboards and spaces, and protects your belongings.

    Get it here.

    24. The weather is perfect for hearty, roasted root veggies potatoes and comforting baked goodies. The Bajaj Oven-Toaster-Grill was on our BuzzFeed India's Favourites list for June 2020. With a 16L capacity, it lets you grill, cook and toast large meals.

    The 60 minutes timer with auto shut off feature means you can focus on other things while your meal cooks. Comes with accessories like a baking tray, grill rack, tong and skew rods. Crumb tray at the bottom of the appliance makes removal of crumbs and cleaning very convenient. Consumes only about 1200W of electricity in an hour.

    Price: ₹3,799

    25. A hydrating cocoa and shea shower cream from Bryan and Candy, that contains shea butter, cocoa extracts and has an amazing lather.

    26. The Body Shop shea body butter, enriched with Community Trade shea butter from Ghana, which provides up to 48 hours of moisture.

    Price: ₹1,195 for 200 ml.

    27. These soft slip-on indoor slippers, available in multiple sizes and colours, will keep your feet toasty, while the rubber sole provides a decent grip too.

    28. Or these furry sliders, available in several colours.

    Price: ₹499. More colours and styles here.

    29. This luxurious and nourishing Oriental Spicy Rose body oil is perfect for adding to bath water or rubbing directly onto your skin. It's lightweight, moisturising, and aromatherapeutic.

    30. This modern gel Ayush toothpaste - ₹80 is made of cardamom (elaichi), rock salt, and ayurvedic oils – a grounding, earthy flavour that goes with the season.

    31. And finally, a plush rug to literally keep you "as snug as a bug in a rug!"

    Check out a list of amazing rugs in different styles here.