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    33 Cottagecore Products For Anyone Who Has Embraced An Idyllic Life

    They'll fit right in with your homebody lifestyle!🌻🌷☕

    1. Sheer curtains that let lots of light in.

    2. Some real plants to fuss over!

    3. Gardening by planting your own organic, hybrid fruit and vegetable patch with this set of 46 varieties of seeds - ₹299.

    4. This bestselling HNESS Mini sewing machine - ₹1,499 that's perfect for beginners, so that you can mend, stitch, and DIY your own clothes.

    5. This cookie cutter set - ₹219 with 12 cutters, if you're baking a lot and want to style your cookies and cakes in cute shapes.

    6. This stainless steel IKEA IDEALISK Flour Sifter - ₹486 to garnish your baked goodies with.

    8. A physical alarm clock - ₹700 to keep track of time instead of always looking at a screen.

    9. Some fantastic laundry products— like this drying rack, standing laundry bag, or hanging peg basket — because nothing is more satisfying than doing laundry and air drying your clothes.

    10. This set of bestselling, colourful floral cushion covers - ₹449 that will bring the countryside to your city home, and always make you happy.

    11. Making your own ice lollies and ice creams with the IKEA CHOSIGT Ice Lolly Maker - ₹299.

    12. Swap out your regular shower for a luxurious rain shower - ₹415 that will make you feel like you're in the heart of nature!

    13. This garden wallpaper - ₹564 that brings the outside in, in the best way. It can be used to spruce up walls as well as furniture.

    14. This poetic birds and cages decal - ₹89 that has 9000+ reviews.

    15. This comfy, breathable men's cotton pyjama - ₹349 with an elastic waist.

    16. Or this floral cotton nightie - ₹490 to lounge about the house in, that gives the perfect grandma or grandmillennial vibe.

    17. This Pigeon chopper with 33,000+ reviews that drastically cuts down cooking time, while cutting your veggies super fine with three blades - ₹287

    18. Keep a notebook or diary handy to journal in, write about your day, and note things you're grateful for. This minimalist notebook from AmazonBasics has 11,000+ reviews - ₹299

    19. Keep your favourite ghazals, Bollywood, regional and indie songs always playing in the background with the Saregama Carvaan Mini Speaker - ₹1,799. Available in 8 colours, it comes preloaded with 351 classic Indian songs, lets you enjoy your personal collection through USB and Bluetooth, and listen to AM/FM radio as well.

    20. A jhula or swing is a popular piece of indoor or outdoor furniture that's the perfect nook for reading and relaxation.

    21. Express yourself through art and painting, and create beautiful, personal artwork for your space.

    22. Some simple, airtight mason jars - ₹699 for six will make your storebought items look like you grew them yourself and keep them lasting long.

    23. And these hipster vinyl stickers - ₹99 for 108 pieces will makeover your jars and your entire kitchen aesthetic.

    24. This lovely English country floral recipe box - ₹940 anyone who loves cooking can store their favourite recipes in.

    25. A FujiFilm Instax mini9 - ₹3,937 to capture memories with instant, physical polaroids.

    26. This beginner's embroidery kit - ₹599 with instructions and all the tools and materials you'll need to practice six different types of hand embroidery stitches.

    27. This adorable India Circus kettle with elephant motifs will make you want to invite friends over every single day to spill the chai - ₹770

    28. Use a colourful floral block-printed dhurrie as throw blanket, and also to cover a chatai or mattress on the floor, for extra seating.

    29. This handpoured Paprika Tokri 'Summer Garden' candle - ₹615 that's made of eco-friendly soy wax with a sweet lavender and neroli fragrance and a burn time of 30 hours.

    30. An eco-friendly, foldable shopping bag - ₹298 to take on your next grocery run.

    31. Grandmillennials at heart will adore this set of two bone china India Circus mugs, designed by Krsnaa Mehta, with classic lotus motifs - ₹682

    32. The Bajaj Oven-Toaster-Grill was on our BuzzFeed India's Favourites list for June 2020. With a 16L capacity, it lets you grill, cook and toast large meals. The 60 minutes timer with auto shut off feature means you can focus on other things while your meal cooks - ₹4,999

    33. Finally, anyone who loves the cottagecore aesthetic will love the classic Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery— a delightful and moving novel which contains the most beautiful descriptions of life in the countryside.