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    20 Trusty Health And Personal Care Bestsellers BuzzFeed India Readers Bought In 2020

    These useful products will help you better track and take care of your health.

    1. This digital weighing scale - ₹899 with high precision sensors and durable tempered glass will help you accurately weigh yourself or any object between 2.3 and 180 kilos. It has an auto shut-down feature and indicators for when the battery is low or there's an overload.

    2. This pulse oximeter - ₹1,999 determines your blood oxygen saturation level (SPO2), Perfusion Index, respiratory rate, pulse rate and pulse bar graph accurately. It's water-resistant with adjustable brightness and sound, a multi-directional OLED display and large font for easy reading even in darkness.

    3. This Oral B battery-powered toothbrush - ₹399 has a soft handle with a sturdy grip, criss-cross bristles to reach in between your teeth, and a rotating power head for effective cleaning.

    4. This bestselling digital blood pressure monitor - ₹1,899 with 21,000+ reviews for a fast, comfortable and accurate reading.

    5. Get some high-quality sleep with these bestselling Wakefit pillows - ₹699 (Set of 2) with 11,000+ reviews. It's fluffy and medium-firm with a microfiber filling and revolutionary supportive technology to ensure you get a good night's sleep.

    6. This durable, leakproof hot water bottle - ₹289 with a soft cover, that'll keep you comfortable and relieve your cramps, muscle aches and pains.

    person holding bag against stomach

    7. This water-resistant, battery-operated digital thermometer - ₹275 to track your body temperature accurately in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

    8. This bestselling facial steamer - ₹1,999 with UV-sterilized steam that will help clear nasal congestion and ease allergies.

    9. This posture correction brace - ₹499 that'll gently support your back and improve your posture, which will make you feel more comfortable and confident.

    man and woman with brace

    10. The stylish and feature-rich smartwatch, Mi Smart Band 4 - ₹2,099, has 50,000+ glowing reviews. Use it to stay organised and track your health and wellness.⌚️📲

    11. This bestselling head massager - ₹77 with resin tips that will gently stimulate your scalp and make you feel super relaxed.

    12. The Oracura smart water flosser removes plaque and tartar build-up and massages your gums, protecting against bacteria and improving oral health - ₹1,900

    13. Ditch the recurring expense of pads and tampons and switch to the bestselling Sirona menstrual cup. It's made of silicone and is reusable for as long as 15 years - ₹299

    14. Copious amounts of sanitising products from Savlon like disinfectant spray, skin and surface wipes, handwash and disinfectant liquid all of which kill 99.9% of germs.

    people using wipes on skin

    15. A cooling gel eye mask - ₹225 with velcro straps that you can use room temperature or refrigerated to soothe tired, puffy or dry eyes and calm headaches and insomnia.

    16. This tongue scraper - ₹240 for 4 that'll improve your oral hygiene, freshen your breath and, as per Ayurveda, will improve the overall health of your internal organs too. Made of copper, it's natural and sustainable and comes packed in an ecofriendly and reusable jute pouch.

    17. This popular peeling and exfoliating foot mask - ₹609 that'll remove all dead, dry and calloused skin.

    foot mask peeling dead skin and calluses

    18. Don't wait until you get mould — get this Absorbia moisture absorber - ₹194 ASAP. It removes excess moisture, fungus, mould and more that lingers in cupboards and spaces, and protects your belongings.

    19. The AmazonBasics Digital Kitchen Scale with wide LCD and advanced sensor lets you accurately measure food portions of up to 5kg - ₹719

    spinach leaves on weighing scale

    20. This spa pedicure machine - ₹1,899 will give you a warm foot spa experience, with lots of bubbles and lather. It comes equipped with 8 manual massage rollers to improve blood circulation, pamper your feet and melt away stress.