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    23 Amazing Luxuries To Treat Yourself To Under ₹300

    You'll use most of these products everyday!

    1. This milk frother that will give your humble, home-made beverages a cafe-approved texture - ₹248

    2. These amazing gold noise-cancelling earphones so you can play your favourite song on loop, undisturbed - ₹299

    3. A luxurious, ayurvedic pure rosewater mist to use as a refreshing toner or to spritz on your face or body - ₹275

    4. This trendy gold chain-link bracelet that will become your signature piece of jewellery - ₹259

    5. A jar of Nutella for an extravagant breakfast, a pick-me-up, or a quick treat - ₹288 (for 290g)

    6. A set of 50 compressed sheet masks to treat yourself to a relaxing facial after a long day - ₹249 (Set of 50)

    7. A set of rose-gold reusable straws to do your part to save the environment (in style, of course) - ₹275 (Set of 4)

    8. These adorable microfibre towels - ₹299 (Set of 2)

    9. A premium scented candle, in a cookie jar, in your favourite fragrance - ₹299

    10. A cute, comfortable sleeping mask for your best snooze yet - ₹299

    11. A soft, good-quality, all-season shawl in your favourite colour - ₹234

    12. This popular mug in the shape of a camera - ₹239

    13. A trendy notebook to inspire you to build your dreams - ₹299

    14. This deliciously fragrant mango shower gel that will transport you straight to Bali - ₹299

    15. A premium, handcrafted 100% cotton T-shirt in your favourite colour - from ₹298

    16. Or this sassy T-shirt that says "National Sarcasm Society" - ₹298

    17. A reusable chalkboard decal that's not just an amazing decor item, but also useful to write down to-do lists, meal plans, quotes, and more - ₹269

    18. A peel-off charcoal mask that will reaallly deep cleanse your pores - ₹195

    19. A cute and sturdy phone grip to keep your phone from falling on your face when you're browsing the interwebz at night - ₹299

    20. A luxurious bath and shower oil mist to nourish and hydrate your skin pre or post shower - ₹200

    21. This organic, 100% vegan blood orange and rosehip lip balm from Juicy Chemistry to keep your lips in ship shape - ₹297

    22. This sleek, portable contact lens case that's a big upgrade from the one you got from your optician - ₹251

    23. And this cute French-inspired cushion - ₹299