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    75 Little Luxuries Under ₹300 To Treat Yourself To

    For anyone who needs a little pick-me-up.

    1. These fantastic gold noise-cancelling earphones so you can play your favourite song on loop, undisturbed - ₹299

    Magnetic, comfort-fit earbuds. Balanced stereo sound. Multi-function control with built-in mic, volume buttons, etc. for a hands-free experience. 3.5 mm audio cable jack for near-universal compatibility.

    Get it here.

    2. If you appreciate a good natural soap, get this Khadi Natural Handmade Soap Collection, which has 12 amazing soaps - ₹199.

    This collection of natural, handmade soaps contains 12 soaps of 25 grams each. The deliciously scented variations include: aloe vera, rose water, chandanhaldi, saffron, lemon, sandalwood, pure neem, neem-tulsi, mix fruit, pure mint, lemongrass, and orange.

    Get it here.

    3. This wildly popular mug in the shape of a camera - ₹239

    350 ml capacity. Includes a lid. Food grade and BPA-free.

    Get it here.

    4. These slip-on indoor slippers are made of cotton with a rubber sole, so you can keep your toes warm without worrying about slipping or getting your feet wet - from ₹159

    Available in multiple sizes and colours.

    Get it here.

    5. If you're thinking of experimenting with long acrylic nails, now is the time. This easy to use set has excellent reviews - ₹225 (100 pieces)

    Colour Blast Reusable Artificial Nails Set Of 100 Pcs, ₹225

    6. Anyone who loves diyas will appreciate this pretty Pure Source India Ceramic Aroma Set - ₹299. It comes with lemongrass aroma oil and four tea light candles.

    7. This peel-off charcoal mask that will reaallly deep cleanse your pores of whiteheads, blackheads and other things - ₹195

    Get it here.

    8. The joy of beating your favourite people at Uno (₹129)

    Uno is a simple, shedding-type card game where the goal is to get rid of all your cards before the other players. It's also a popular game to take with you while travelling.

    Players: 2-10

    Age: 7+

    Time: 10 minutes

    Price: ₹129

    9. A luxurious, ayurvedic pure rosewater mist to use as a refreshing toner or to spritz on your face or body - ₹275

    This Kama Ayurveda product is made of the kannauj rose, using a steam-distillation process. Natural astringent, restores PH balance, tightens pores, and reduces oiliness.

    Get it here.

    10. This set of 46 varieties of seeds - ₹299 is the gift that keeps on giving. It lets any resident environment/home/DIY enthusiast plant their own organic and hybrid fruit and vegetable patch at home. And yes, it comes with an instruction manual!

    11. This Swiss Beauty Hilary Rhoda Mini Eyeshadow Palette 02 - ₹225 with bold, on-trend matte colours.

    Pair this look with matte makeup, black winged eyeliner, and a lipstick in a nude or contrasting colour for an on-trend look.

    Get it here.

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    12. A jar of Nutella for an extravagant breakfast, a pick-me-up, or a quick treat - ₹288

    Made of hazelnuts and cocoa and free from artificial colours and preservatives.

    Get it here.

    13. This sleek, portable contact lens case that's a big upgrade from the one you got from your optician - ₹251

    Includes a box with built-in mirror, contact lens case, lens solution bottle, lens tweezers, and lens pick. Portable. Available in black and rose gold.

    Get it here.

    14. For the adventurous tea lover, the brand The Indian Chai has several caffeine-free herbal teas (called tisanes). We recommend: Rose Petals (₹245), Peppermint Leaves from (₹275), Hibiscus Flower (₹275) or Lemongrass Leaves (₹300).

    15. This striking yellow and teal A-line kurta with 4500 reviews (!) is a standout everyday piece that'll make you feel like a queen. It's lightweight and will keep you comfortable in the heat. It's also pleasantly inclusive size-wise, being available from Small to 4XL - ₹275

    100% polyester, regular fit.

    Get it here.

    16. These comfortable and sporty unisex Puma flip-flops - ₹250 that have 1300+ reviews.

    Get them here.

    17. Delicious chocolate filled biscuits - ₹81 to dip into a hot cuppa.

    Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills have "luscious chocolate filling enrobed within a perfectly baked rich cookie outer." It's delicious as-is and also as a dipping biscuit to dunk into a hot cup of tea or coffee.

    Price: ₹81 for 300 grams.

    18. These red and green slides that look Gucci- inspired, and will have everyone asking, "Are those designer?" - ₹279

    19. A cute and sturdy phone grip to keep your phone from falling on your face when you're browsing the interwebz at night - ₹299

    Styles available. Also functions as a viewing stand.

    Get it here.

    20. A cute, comfortable sleeping mask for your best snooze yet - ₹299

    Blocks light. Suitable for people of all ages and nose types, particularly travellers and shift workers. 3D contoured design, lightweight and comfortable material and adjustable elastic straps with 8.5 to 16.8-inch range. Ideal for insomnia, migraine, headaches, and dry-eyes. Doesn't smudge makeup and pairs well with CPAP apparatus.

    Get it here.

    21. This colourful "Positive Vibes Only" wall decal to perk up your space - ₹149

    Material: PVC Vinyl. 60 cm x 70 cm x 0.01 cm.

    Get it here.

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    22. Add texture to a plain wall with mirrored decals like these square decals - ₹275.

    23. This sweet and fruity black current and vanilla shower gel, or this refreshing green tea shower gel, both from Bryan and Candy - ₹299 each.

    24. A set of 50 compressed sheet masks to treat yourself to a relaxing facial after a long day - ₹249 (Set of 50)

    Add your own favourite products to the mask (such as toners, serums or lotions) to customise.

    Get it here.

    25. Get vintage Edison bulbs in your favourite shape.

    26. Essential oils, particularly tea tree and lavender, are a natural, non-intrusive way to bring fragrance into your beauty routine. They can be used for aromatherapy or blended with a base oil (like coconut) or other ingredients to create skin and hair products, scrubs, massages, perfumes, and more. They can also be used in diffusers for aroma.

    27. This wonderful set of five natural crystal healing crystals -₹299, including clear quartz, green aventurine, Tiger Eye, carnelian, and tourmaline.

    Over thirty different crystal sets are available on the same listing.

    Price: ₹299 for these five stones.

    28. This cute French-inspired cushion - ₹299

    Made of poly satin and cotton. 12 x 12 inches cover and 180g of filler.

    Get it here.

    29. This adorbs unicorn mug - ₹150 to remind you that you're amazing just as you are!

    Price: ₹150

    30. A reusable chalkboard decal that's not just an amazing decor item, but also useful to write down to-do lists, meal plans, quotes, and more - ₹269

    Vinyl decal. 17.7 x 78.7 inches. Comes with 5 free chalks.

    Get it here.

    31. Classic hoop earrings - ₹199 for your bestie to hold when you get into an internet scuffle.

    We love this Yellow Chimes Set of Three Hoop Earrings (₹199) in Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver.

    32. A clip-on fringe for those who love bangs but can't commit to them for long - ₹279

    Get it here.

    33. These fun emoji cushions - ₹299 (set of 3)

    Get it here.

    34. This milk frother that will give your humble, home-made beverages a cafe-approved texture - ₹248

    Handheld and battery-powered. Can also be used to beat other items like eggs, smoothies, and more. (Batteries not included.)

    Get it here.

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    35. This selfie light clip - ₹289 with 36 LEDs improves the quality of your photos and videos in poorly-lit environments. Perfect for the selfie-addict in your life!

    Get it here.

    36. These flat shoelaces from ₹199 - (pack of 6) to add some flair to your kicks.

    Brand: Shoeshine.

    Get it here.

    37. If you're looking for everyday, sophisticated earrings that are inexpensive enough for you to never worry about losing them, get these bestselling Swarovski crystal hoop earrings - ₹259

    Comes in three styles. Made with original Swarovski elements. Size: 1.6cmx9mm. 5 layer micro gold plated (0.1 micron thickness). Skin-friendly alloy (97% tin and 3% bismuth). Nickel-free and lead-free as per international standards. Comes in high quality packaging, perfect for gifting.

    Get it here.

    38. A ruled notebook - ₹99 to clarify that you were born this way.

    Brand: Factor Notes.

    Get it here.

    39. This understated rainbow T-shirt - ₹299 that's formal enough to wear to work, so you can wear your colour obsession on your sleeve.

    100% cotton. Regular fit. Sizes available.

    Brand: FreshTrend.

    Get it here.

    40. If you miss seeing your friends, what better homage than a beautiful photo wall with fairy lights!

    Party Propz LED Photo Clip Fairy String Lights (₹299)

    You can print out existing photos or spend some fun hours doing a photoshoot with your iPhone. To create a vintage effect, use filters on your phone.

    41. The 100% natural, biodegradable Seer Secrets Quantum Quattro gemstone bath bar. It's gently cleansing, contains essential oils, minerals, and real gemstone powders, and looks like a magical crystal, so it's practically bathroom decor - ₹280

    161g. Get it here.

    42. These fruity statement coasters - ₹199 (7 pieces) will be a happy addition to your kitchen or dining area.

    Made of silicone. 8 cm diameter.

    Brand: Okayji.

    Get it here.

    43. These snap-on pearl hair clips that are SO fashionable right now - from ₹219

    Multiple styles available.

    Get it here.

    44. These bold and vibrant cushion covers - ₹290 (set of 5) will add character to your living space.

    12x12 inches. Dupion Silk fabric.

    Brand: Czar Home.

    Get it here.

    45. A premium, handcrafted 100% cotton T-shirt in your favourite colour - from ₹298

    Sizes and colours available. Brand: PrintOctopus.

    Get it here.

    46. Or this sassy T-shirt that says "National Sarcasm Society" - ₹298

    100% cotton. Available in black and green. Brand: PrintOctopus.

    Get it here.

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    47. These thicc rubber bands - ₹249 (set of 12) that are technically made from soft cotton and wool.

    Brand: Evogirl.

    Get it here.

    48. Yes, we know. Your desi ancestors are probably reeling at the words "instant chai premix." Chai is customarily made from scratch. But these Girnar Masala Chai premixes - ₹126 are SO delicious and immensely popular (just read the rave reviews!) You can make a piping hot cup just by mixing the contents of the sachet with hot water.

    Price: ₹126 for 10 sachets.

    49. For anyone who loves skin-care and self-care, get a heavenly smelling Soulflower Handmade Soap - ₹249. It's free of synthetic colour and fragrances, rich in vitamins and 100% vegan. What's more, it comes in 20 different formulations to suit everyone's preferences.

    50. These trendy stackable bracelet sets- from ₹199 that your fashionista friend will appreciate.

    Several metals and styles available.

    Get it here.

    51. This set of 30 sheets of nail art decals - ₹249 in several versatile patterns to cater to every mood. There's even a sheet of CATS in various poses!

    52. This organic, 100% vegan blood orange and rosehip lip balm from Juicy Chemistry to keep your lips in ship shape - ₹297

    Ideal for chapped and/or pigmented lips. Antioxidant and moisturising. Enriched with apricot oil and Vitamin E. Preservative-free. Organic, handcrafted, and 100% vegan.

    Get it here.

    53. A soft, good-quality, all-season shawl in your favourite colour - ₹234

    Satin blend. 28x72 inches. Several colours available.

    Get it here.

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    54. This set of 3 eye pencils - ₹264 in black, blue and green will come to your rescue when you want to keep your wings sharp, your coffee strong and your Monday short.

    Waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting. Sharpener included.

    Get it here.

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    55. A piping hot infusion of fruits and spices

    These "teas" don't contain any tea or caffeine, but rather are herbal teas, tisanes, or fruit or spice infusions. Typhoo Cleansing Organic Root Remedy Tea is made of turmeric, ginseng, cinnamon, and ginger while Typhoo Orange Spicer Fruit Infusion Tea is a blend of orange, clove, cinnamon, and ginger.


    Typhoo Cleansing Organic Root Remedy Tea, ₹210

    Typhoo Orange Spicer Fruit Infusion Tea, ₹250

    56. A luxurious bath and shower oil mist to nourish and hydrate your skin pre or post-shower - ₹200

    Available in fragrances to suit every taste including: Benzoin and Gudalur Vanilla, Bergamot and Raw Sandhal, Jasmine and Orange, Neroli and White Tea, and

    Smoky Rose Geranium.

    Get it here.

    57. This set of eight Shraddha Creation Floating Candles - ₹299 is smokeless and available in seven different colours and fragrances.

    Get it here.

    58. Some fab new curtains - ₹199 in your fave colour.

    Price: ₹199

    59. Your most-used emoji in cushion-form - ₹295.

    Brand: Deals India.

    Get it here.

    60. Lightweight yet voluminous faux lashes- ₹259 (set of 3) your glam friends (or anyone who needs encouragement to take a fun beauty risk) will thank you for.

    Get it here.

    61. These large word hair clips that you've probably seen on Instagram fashion influencers - from ₹199

    Styles include: Girls, Boss, Hello, Hope, Star, Happy, Dream, Boys, Kiss, Sweet, Bride, and more!

    Made of metal. Most of the clips are 4 inches x 2 inches.

    Get it here.

    62. This classic Hearts-in-Love 18K rose gold plated necklace - ₹199 with Austrian crystals.

    Chain length: 50 cm. Pendant size: 2.5x2.5 cm.

    Get it here.

    63. This mango-jalapeno preserve - ₹247 that's the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.

    Brand: The Gourmet Jar. Natural and handmade. Preservative, chemical and additive-free. 240g.

    Get it here.

    64. Hop on the wicker trend with this cute hanging lampshade - ₹299

    65. Metallic cat eyes were showcased by Balmain at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020. Recreate this look with Resme Waterproof Eyeliner (set of 2, Silver and Golden) - ₹199

    Get it here.

    66. For friends and family who love drinks and mixology, get this sleek and timeless Dynore Stainless Steel Hip Flask (₹296).

    67. A trendy notebook to inspire you to build your dreams - ₹299

    80 leaves, 160 blank pages. Other covers and styles available.

    Get it here.

    68. Frame your favourite moments with these glamorous photo frames.

    69. A premium scented candle, in a cookie jar, in your favourite fragrance - ₹299

    This 3 oz. Ekam candle is available in 15+ fragrances.

    Get it here.

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    70. This unisex gold chain-link bracelet that will become your signature piece of jewellery - ₹259

    Gold is super popular right now. This bracelet is made from high-quality stainless steel with five layers of micro-plating for durability. It's nickel and lead-free, anti-allergic, and safe for skin. Also available in other finishes including silver and black.

    Get it here.

    71. Applique patches add a cute, whimsical DIY touch to the baddie aesthetic. They look best on plain tees and denim items like jeans and jackets. Each set comes with its own instructions for applying them to your clothes.

    Get them here:

    Segolike 10 Patches, ₹275

    Segolike 12 Sequin Patches, ₹351

    MagiDeal 14 Patches, ₹286

    Fancyku 15 Patches, ₹373

    72. Upgrade your brows with a cool new brow pencil! Choose an eyebrow pencil with a spoolie brush in the colour that most closely matches your hair colour - ₹299

    73. Put large, luxurious bouquets, or alternatively, peacock feathers in a vase for an Art Deco vibe.

    74. These happy, colourful and kid-friendly IKEA KALAS Mugs - ₹199 (Set of 6) that will soon become your go-to for a quick sip of H2O.

    Each mug holds 236 ml. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

    Get it here.

    75. And these NaturePlatter Gems - ₹299 (800g) for chocolate that tastes as good as it looks.

    Get it here.