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    34 Things That'll Always Fill '90s Indian Kids With Nostalgia

    Nothing stronger than a 90s trend! 9️⃣0️⃣🍒🌈

    1. Glow in the dark stars, a.k.a your biggest room decor flex.

    2. This Charlie perfume combo that'll no doubt remind you of your high school crush.

    3. Brylcreem Original — the holy grail of hairstyling to channel those David Beckham spikes.

    4. Chunky glitter nail polish that meant you were the Queen Bee of 7th B...until you got detention for painting your nails.

    5. Jelly sandals that would give you shoe bites but looked oh so cute! (These from Crocs are more comfortable, though.)

    6. Bata tennis shoes for school and Adidas running sneakers at all other times!

    7. Maggi 2-Minute Noodles, which is God Tier™ as far as snacks and meals go.

    8. These Phantom Sweet Cigarettes that always made you feel really rebellious.

    9. Snakes and Ladders a.k.a Moksha Patam, Ludo and Carrom, which you spent endless hours playing with friends and fam.

    10. This Saregama Carvaan Mini Speaker comes preloaded with 351 classic Indian songs, that'll take you back to Sunday morning house chores.

    11. These butterfly clips that were sooo trendy, you gotta wonder why they ever went out of style.

    12. Charm bracelets and hoop earrings for your bestie to hold when you got into a scuffle.

    13. Indulgent Mysore Sandal Soap that'll always make you feel and smell like a maharaja or maharani.

    14. These magnetic pencil boxes your bench partner had that you'd be so jealous of cause your parents would never get them for you! And you can still smell the fruit erasers.

    15. Block-printing stamps or rangoli stencils to create patterns and murals on your walls to bring back that traditional vibe you just don't get in minimalist, modern apartments.

    16. Lays Magic Masala, which will always be the best flavour, don't @ me, even though Lays doesn't come with collectable Pokemon tazos anymore.

    17. Traditional masala dabbas and achaar jars.

    18. This wonderful The 1990s Colouring Book, which celebrates '90s fashion, music, movies, TV and pop culture.

    19. Your home probably had a lot of sustainable and eco-friendly wicker furniture before it was trendy.

    20. A set of classic playing cards which can be used to play Rummy and more...and is a must-have in your collection!

    21. These bestselling toffee eclairs now rebranded as Cadbury Choclairs, which you'd get a giant packet of the evening before your birthday, to distribute in class. Or these chewy Melody Chocolaty toffees that always make your heart sing.

    22. This "dog tag" chain that all the cool kids were wearing.

    23. Tinkle comic books that would keep you entertained for hours with the adventures of Suppandi, Shikhari Shambu and more until your bestie "borrowed" it and you'd have to chase them for months to get it back.

    24. Remember waiting for days and weeks to get physical photos from family holidays and school picnics? You may like this FujiFilm Instax Mini9. Available in several colours, it'll help you capture memories with instant, physical polaroids.

    25. Parle-G, the OG glucose biscuits, which always taste amazing dipped in chai. Marie biscuit which we will forever pronounce "maari" biscuit. JimJam and Bourbon that always made your friends want to steal your tiffin during Short Break. And Monaco , which is more deliciously salty than the country by the same name will be when they learn a billion people pronounce it 'mon-ack-oh' and not ˈmɒnəkoʊ.'

    26. This Amrutanjan roll-on that's your old headache cure in a new packaging that makes application SO much easier!

    27. Sweet-and-sour Swad digestive drops. And narangi candy, which your mom would pack on long road trips, to prevent motion sicknesses.

    28. A jhula or swing as indoor or outdoor furniture that's the perfect nook for reading and relaxation.

    29. A cool denim mini skirt which was practically a '90s uniform or dungarees which were the epitome of cool.

    30. These cloth hair bands that were a staple for PT day!

    31. Watching your favourite toons after school, though now these Cartoon Network bookmarks and Powerpuff Girls socks will have to suffice.

    32. Frooti, the nectar of mangoey deliciousness that always tastes best chilled on a summer afternoon after PT practice. And Roohafza, made of herbs, which tastes fruity, earthy and grounding as a cold squash, or even mixed with chilled milk for a milkshake.

    33. Haldiram's mini samosas pack a good crunch and are stuffed with moong, lentils, raisins and cashews.

    34. And finally, this 'Take me back to the '90s' T-shirt which is a MOOD.