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    • shantybird

      This article says the story is “receiving remarkably little attention in the mainstream press — and prompting suggestions on the right that the media and advocates are ignoring Jana Winter’s plight because of hostility to her employer.”  The article also says “The story has received some attention online, but a search for ‘Jana Winter’ on TVEyes indicates the story has only been covered on Fox News…”  “only been covered on Fox News” is not true even if you limit the specific type of media to TV. In a quick search, I found the Associated Press, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the CBS station in Denver, and the Huffington Post covering the story. The AP stories have probably been reprinted in various newspapers and on their websites.

    • shantybird

      Merge Records has some solid acts—The Mountain Goats, Hospitality (sometimes twee but some good tunes), Jeff Mangum, M. Ward, Superchunk.  About John Darnielle: I think that line about garish hues is one of his less elegant rhymes, but anyway, elegant structure and rhyme aren’t necessarily his biggest strengths as a writer; he’s great at conveying visceral feelings, sparse but effective delivery, and the compelling bleakness of his stories. He seems to be a well-respected songwriter in the music outlets I’ve read. Personally I think that Tallahassee, Wild Sage (the first track on Get Lonely), We Shall All Be Healed, and a few tracks on his most recent albums are at least as strong lyrically as All Hail West Texas, though I adore Jenny and Color in Your Cheeks.

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