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20 Tips To Become A More Feminine & Powerful Woman

20 tips to enhance the sexy and attractive women that you already are. Tap into the feminine power you were born with and rock this world.

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1.Smile. A beautiful woman always smiles and radiates from within.

2.Love and respect yourself first so others will treat you the same way.

3.Be quiet. Listen to your heart and intuition. Trust and honor yourself and your feelings.

4.Pamper yourself. Get your hair and nails done or treat yourself to a massage or facial.

5.Be kind to yourself. We all have flaws don’t focus on them and keep staying positive. Be you in all areas of your life. It’s ok to show up feminine at work, home and in life.

6.Wear beautiful fashionable clothes and stay current and classic. Find what looks best on you and your body, not everyone else’s.

7.Learn to say no. It’s a powerful word. Especially say no to what’s immoral or unjust. Have boundaries.

8.Wakeup in Makeup. Learn to do a makeover and find the colors that look best on you and enhance your natural beauty.

9.Shoes, shoes, shoes! Get lots of different styles and colors and have fun with them.

10.Accentuate your best features. Eyes, hair, lips, brains, etc. Capitalize on what you’ve got.

11.Stay fit and healthy. Eat good food, exercise, and learn dance or yoga.

12.Stay in the present moment. Your power is in the here and now, not the past. Make wise choices today and this point forward.

13.Let a man treat you good, open doors, buy you flowers & gifts, travel, pay for dinner, etc. You deserve it and he will enjoy doing it.

14.Use your sexuality wisely. Keep yourself healthy and feel good in your own body. Have boundaries with men that won’t love or treat you good. Be willing to say no and walk away.

15.Don’t over apologize. You may not have done anything wrong.

16.Get an education and learn. Continue to grow and develop skills that are valuable in the marketplace and for personal growth.

17.Find a career you love and have passion for so your work in fun and in alignment with your purpose. Being a mom is also a calling and never apologizes or let anyone say it’s not. Learn to manage your money wisely and earn it.

18.Learn to be a whole person and balance your own masculine and feminine energy. We all have both so know when to use it appropriately depending on situation.

19.Have true friends in your life that tell you the truth. Don’t be a Caty girl that complains or gossips. Lift other women up and get in the solution.

20.Love and accept the truth. You may not like it but it’s for your own good. Denial is not a river in Egypt ladies.

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