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15 Things All Grown Adults Who Are Afraid Of The Dark Will Understand

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1. You always sleep with the covers over your head, because under there, you're forever safe from the murderer.


2. ...Even if it’s 100 degrees out, because sweating > ghost axe killer.


3. You refuse to let your feet poke out of the bed sheets, because of the creature under the bed.

AMC / Via Elite Daily

4. You become paralyzed if you hear a small bump, because it is somebody coming down the hall to end your life.


5. You need to give yourself a serious pep talk before getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

6. Once you’ve made the decision to go, you run faster than you've ever run in life to make it to the bathroom in one piece.

Like Bruce.
Getty Images

Like Bruce.

7. Whilst in the bathroom, you will keep your eyes closed to avoid seeing a poltergeist.


8. There's also no way you’ll look into the bathroom mirror, because Bloody Mary is in there.


9. But really, you’d rather just risk the urinary tract infection and stay safe in bed.

10. The last horror movie you accidentally watched was "The Ring" in 2002, and you’re still traumatized.


11. You’re always the first to elect to share a room on a group vacation. Always.

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12. Camping is essentially out of the question for you, because you know what happens in forests at midnight.

Artisan Entertainment

13. People remind you there’s nothing to be afraid of, and you worry for them because you know they’re wrong.

PBS / Via

14. If you ever met R.L. Stine in real life, you’d consider slapping him.

Scholastic Publishing

15. To you, this cartoon is the meaning of life.

Rage Comics

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