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The Cyber-Carol Challenge For Peace This Holiday Season

The one thing we all want is peace. Let's do our part to spread it.

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If Buddy the Elf taught us nothing else, it was this:

In the olden days, people went Christmas caroling door-to-door to spread cheer. But this is a new millennium, and we do things differently (Thanks, Mr. Zuckerburg!)


Whatever your holiday might be, this is all-inclusive, for anyone who wants peace on earth -- this isn't about religion, this is about humanity. And fun!

If you believe in peace, I challenge you to spread it by taking a video of yourself (or make it a group effort - the more the merrier!) singing or dancing to any song that means peace to you and posting it here, to Twitter, to Facebook, Instagram, everywhere with the hashtag #cybercarolforpeace, and to nominate at least 3 others to do the same. Invite your friends, family, classmates, teammates, co-workers, people you meet on the street; make it silly, make it serious; show off your singing prowess, or just bust a move; do it drunk or do it sober; just post something to show you are for peace during the holiday season, and always.

Choose a holiday favorite, a country song, a pop hit, a rap -- any song that speaks of peace.

And if you want to dump a bucket of egg nog over your head for the grand finale, no one's stopping you.

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