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15 Things People Who Went To Liberal Arts Schools Are Tired Of Hearing

Yeah, I know you haven't heard of it.

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4. "So what does this education qualify you for?"

Fox / Via wayfaringmd.tumblr.com

Well, I'm a great writer, and have excellent problem solving skills, and I can recite the opening paragraph of A Tale of Two Cities, so... I DON'T FRIGGIN KNOW.

6. "You took art class in college? Did you do, like, paper mache?"

Apatow Productions / Via responsegif.com

Seriously, my studio art class was more time consuming than my organic chemistry class. And yes, I took both.

13. "It sounds like you went to summer camp for four years!"

Touchstone Pictures / Via giphy.com

Ok, sure we had carnivals and fro-yo machines and puppies to pet for de-stressing, but we worked really hard!!

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