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Cardinals (Royals Remix) Will Impress You...Even If You're Not A Fan.

For those of you that have yet to subscribe to the Cardinals Fandom, here is a Royals Remix that might persuade you to cheer on the Redbirds for the series.

Shannon S. • 5 years ago

Tom Haverfoods

From the delicious mind of Tom Haverford

Shannon S. • 8 years ago

It's Friday

Yesterday was Thursday. Today it is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.

Shannon S. • 8 years ago


A great little flash game that is super easy to follow and definitely a time-waster!

Shannon S. • 8 years ago

Suck It Santa Claus

a music video by Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship.

Shannon S. • 8 years ago


In one word, this is glorious. In two words, this is f*cking glorious.

Sam Kujawski • 9 years ago