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    19 Insanely Useful Skills All Siblings Have Been Forced To Master

    Pranking, bribing, fake crying: Put it all on the resume.

    1. Paying attention to and following instructions.

    2. Convincing people that what you want them to do is in their best interest.

    Shannon Rosenberg / BuzzFeed

    Bribing, FTW.

    3. Defending yourself in the face of an attack.

    Fox Searchlight / Via

    You've got years of wrestling experience.

    4. Delivering award-winning performances.

    NBC / Via

    You've been fake-crying for years.

    5. Being assertive and feeling comfortable assuming a leadership role.

    NBC / Via

    Especially when Mom and Dad aren't around.

    6. Compromising and reaching diplomatic solutions.

    7. Gathering important data and paying attention to detail.

    8. Improvising silent hand gestures.

    You're basically fluent.

    9. Stealthily disappearing at opportune moments.

    10. Being creative and thinking outside of the box.

    They never see it coming.

    11. Being confident and speaking your mind.

    12. Practicing self-control and restraint.

    Twitter: @funnyorfact

    You should get an award for all the times you didn't whoop your sibling's ass when you wanted to.

    13. Sharing.

    Twitter: @BritneyMick

    You're always thinking of others.

    14. Exercising patience.

    15. Marking your territory so everyone keeps their grimy hands off your stuff.

    Twitter: @AnthonyI_33

    Because siblings take "finders keepers" to another level.

    16. And setting very specific and reasonable boundaries.

    Twitter: @giannaconchetta

    Somebody's got to.

    17. Showing sincerity and being genuine. / Via

    You only say what you mean.

    18. Being there when people need you most.

    19. And last but not least, coming up with fire comebacks.

    FOX / Via

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