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18 Ways You Can Help A Loved One Going Through A Hard Time

"Being there ~with~ someone can be more powerful than being there ~for~ them."

1. Remind them that you value them — even if they don't ask!

2. Put together a box of things that comfort them.

3. Watch their favorite movie with them.

4. Make them laugh... just not at their expense. (Also, hugs are cool.)

5. Take them out for a coffee date.

6. Bring them their favorite food.

7. Give them a head massage.

8. Remind them that even when the world seems dark & negative, they always have someone to confide in.

9. Make them a playlist with all their favorite songs.

10. Have a sleepover.

11. Listen.

12. Help run errands.

13. Write them a letter.

14. Remind them of all the reasons you love them and are thankful to have them in your life.

15. Just be there without judging. (And bring fried chicken!)

16. Hug them for as long as they need.

17. Bring them a furry friend to play with.

"The unconditional love — and to be honest, the distraction from anxiety and depression — that a pet provides can be a lifesaver. Especially when they can sense that you are terribly sad or crying and they get all up in your space and lick your face and their breath is gross and somehow that makes you feel better."

Emily Fleischaker

18. Being there ~with~ someone can be more powerful than being there ~for~ them. Sit with them. Cry with them. Laugh with them.

Bottom line: Just making sure they know they're not alone can truly mean the world.