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12 Ways To Get Help When You Feel Completely Alone

You will never be weak for seeking out help.

1. Read comforting books that take your mind to other places.

2. Head to a local animal shelter to play with all the furry friends.

3. Visit online forums where you can talk anonymously to people who can relate to what you're going through.

4. Or check out a local support group.

5. Watch movies that will inspire you to get through each day.

6. Look for a therapist on Psychology Today and maybe even consider making an appointment.

7. Don't be afraid to reach out to faraway friends or family.

8. Watch a show that features characters who speak to you.

9. Seek out mental health content that you can relate to.

10. Read personal accounts in which people talk honestly about their mental health.

11. Know that you can call a hotline whenever you're in a crisis or feel that you've exhausted all your resources.

12. And when things get really tough, do not be afraid to check yourself into a treatment center.

Seeking out help does not make you weak. It makes you incredibly strong.

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