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27 Awkward Gym Situations Literally Everyone Has Been In

Can you hold up a sec.? I need to wipe up this butt sweat.

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1. Forgot which locker you put your stuff in and had to awkwardly search them all in front of everyone.

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It's cool, just 237 more lockers to go.

2. Pretended like the machine was broken because you had no clue how to use it.

CNN / Via

Seriously? Is it so much to ask that we get working machines in here?

3. Dropped your phone while you were running on the treadmill, because you may or may not, have been reading your texts.

NBC / Via

It was an urgent matter, okay, Karen!?

4. Went to the gym for the sole purpose of using the showers and hot tub.

Old Spice / Via

Free shampoo and conditioner, get at me.

5. Used the mirrors to stealthily check someone out.

FOX / Via

So sneaky. So sly.

6. And then had to make a run for it when they caught you awkwardly staring.

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Well, fuck.

7. Got crafty because your only hair tie broke, like the weak, good-for-nothing thing that it was.

It's cool this charger is actually great for messy buns.
Mackenzie Kruvant / Via BuzzFeed Life

It's cool this charger is actually great for messy buns.

8. Got a serious wedgie and had to find a way to covertly pick it.


*Duck rolls behind squat rack. Swiftly yanks underwear out from in between butt cheeks.

9. Took water breaks, not because you were thirsty, but because you were just done with exercising.

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Well, I'm so sorry I'm parched, Karen!

10. Wanted to drop kick someone for taking the machine next to you when there were a billion open.

Yeah, no, that one. Please, out of all the open ones, take that one.

11. And then treadmill-raced them to put them in their place.

Go up to 7.5. I dare you.

12. Quickly wiped up your butt sweat before anyone else could see it.

Universal Pictures / Via

Obviously I'm working hard. OK?

13. Lied down to do abs and ended up just scrolling through social media. / Via

Marnie just got engaged!? Like, WTF? She's way too young.

14. Let out an accidental fart while you were doing crunches.

CW / Via

*Quickly squeaks shoes against mat.

15. Caught yourself dancing or singing out loud to your workout playlist.

Focus Features

Workout jams, too strong.

16. Missed your entire mouth while taking a swig out of your water bottle.

Nice. I needed to cool down anyway.

17. Got all the way to the gym only to realize you forgot your headphones.

FOX / Via

Welp, no cardio it is.

18. Or your workout clothes.

Comedy Central / Via

Welp, no exercise it is.

19. Tried to lift a little too much weight and got super embarrassed when it came crashing down and echoed throughout the gym.



20. Took a mirror selfie mid-exercise.

Is it so hard to get a little more natural light in here, or what?

21. Self-consciously smelled your pits every few minutes because you forgot to wear deodorant.


*Sets weights down. Sniffs. Picks weights back up.

22. Grunted obnoxiously while lifting heavy weight.

20th Century Fox

Sorry I go hard, Karen.

23. Angrily glared and sighed at someone for hogging the machines or not re-racking the weights. / Via

No, please. It's your gym. We're just working out in it.

24. Scrambled to pull up your towel after it fell off in front of everyone in the locker room.

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25. Wanted to punch someone in the face while they gave you advice on how to "properly" do an exercise.

NBC / Via

I heard Karen needs help with her squats. I'd definitely go help her.

26. Checked out your progress in the mirrors because... well, duh.

Universal Pictures / Via

Daamn, though. Check me out.

27. And last but not least, left right after walking in because all the things you were going to do were "taken."

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