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How Well Do You Really Know Your Summer Olympians?

Let's see how much of a Summer Olympics expert you really are.

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  1. Who is this Jamaican track star?

    Mark Dadswell / Getty Images
  2. Who is this legendary American boxer?

    The Stanley Weston Archive / Getty Images
  3. Who is this Hungarian fencer?

    ullstein bild / Getty Images
  4. Who is this former US gymnast?
  5. Who is this American swimmer?

    Tom Pennington / Getty Images
  6. Who is this Brazilian soccer player?

    Clive Brunskill / Getty Images
  7. Who is this gymnast who competed for the Soviet Union?

    Bob Thomas / Getty Images
  8. Who is this tennis star who competes for Great Britain?

    Clive Brunskill / Getty Images
  9. Who is this Greek weightlifter?

    Rick Stewart / Getty Images
  10. What were these American basketball players known as?

    Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty Images
  11. What are the names of the players in this duo?

    Cameron Spencer / Getty Images
  12. Who is this famous US track star?

    Getty Images
  13. Who is this American decathlete?

    Popperfoto / Getty Images
  14. Who is this famous Cuban boxer?

    Jerry Cooke / Getty Images
  15. What is the name of this Romanian gymnast?

    Don Morley / Getty Images
  16. Who is this American track athlete?

    Andy Lyons / Getty Images
  17. Who are the two American men with their fists raised?

    Rolls Press / Popperfoto / Getty Images
  18. Who is this US swimmer?

    Tony Duffy / Getty Images
  19. Who is this Japanese gymnast?

    ullstein bild / Getty Images
  20. Collectively, what are these American gymnasts known as?

    Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
  21. Who is this famous British rower?

    Clive Brunskill / Getty Images
  22. Who is this wrestler who competed for the Soviet Union, the Unified Team and then for Russia?

    Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images
  23. Who is this American soccer player?

    Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images
  24. Who is this Chinese table tennis player?

    Guang Niu / Getty Images
  25. Who are these tennis stars?

    Gary M. Prior / Getty Images

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