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Tell Us What You Love About Your Vulva Or Vagina

Because it's an incredibly lovable thing.

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Vaginas are truly wonderful, awesome, and special, and they should be celebrated.

But societal expectations, stereotypes in the media, and opinions from peers can sometimes lead us to feel self-conscious, disconnected, or unsatisfied with our vulvas.

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Like maybe your friends made you believe you were supposed to be groomed and maintained a certain way down there.

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Or maybe something you saw or read made you think your vagina wasn't the right shape or size or smell.

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Or maybe you were just enemies with it for so long because once every month it would betray you.

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So what helped you accept (or even love) your vagina?

Maybe you stumbled upon some inclusive, tasteful porn that showed you how different and wonderful vulvas can be.

Maybe you spent a good amount of time exploring what feels good and realized that the whole thing is basically a pleasure center.

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Or maybe it was giving birth or learning how to do kegels that had you all like YAAASS VAGINA POWER!

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So tell us: What led you to accept and love your vagina?

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And just to be clear, we're talking about both the outside (vulva) and inside (vagina).

Tell us in the comments below and your answer might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.

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