Here's Why You Actually Bruise So Easily

    Funny, you don't remember falling down a flight of stairs...

    Ever wonder why your arms and legs are bruised AF after very little trauma? Or ever get a bruise that you actually cannot explain?

    First things first: Bruises are caused by tiny injuries to your blood vessels.

    1. You can get bruises from your workout.

    2. You might have some genetic characteristics that make you more prone to bruises.

    3. Having fair skin could also be related to your constant bruises.

    4. Certain over-the-counter medications can make you bruise more easily.

    5. And so can most steroids.

    6. You'll also bruise easier if you're really low on vitamin C.

    7. Or if you need to up your protein intake.

    8. Most people are also more likely to bruise on their arms and legs.

    9. And you're more likely to bruise in places where you have sun damage.

    10. You'll probably bruise a lot easier as you get older.

    11. And drinking can definitely lead to more bruises.

    12. You may also bruise easily if you lose a ton of weight super quickly.

    13. But if constant random bruising is something new for you, it could be a sign of another medical condition — so get that checked out.

    14. And if you've always bruised pretty easily, don't worry. That's totally normal.

    So what the hell can you do to stop all those black and blues from popping up?