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What Weird Things Turn You On?

We want to know what gets you going (anonymously if you prefer).

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Everyone has specific things that put them in the mood.

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There are some turn-ons that are pretty common, like lingerie, cologne, facial hair, or sexy slow jams.

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And then there are some ~less conventional~ turn-ons that weirdly seem to get people hot and heavy.

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Like taking a shower.

Or getting your hair cut.

Perhaps you get really turned on by seeing someone crying.


Or you just can't control yourself when you eat peanut butter.

Hey, it might be a thing for someone!

Maybe watching calligraphy videos really does it for you.

Or for some reason, horror movies or the sight of blood gets you in the mood.

We want to know: what random, weird thing turns you on — whether it’s something you experience or interact with IRL, or something that’s just really hot to think about?

Tell us (in a few sentences to a paragraph) in the comments or the anonymous form below and your answer could appear in a future BuzzFeed Health post. Feel free to go into detail!

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