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What Do You Call Your Boobs?

Looking for only the breast submissions.

Alright, so we previously did a poll that asked people to share their breast tendencies...

And it turns out 89% of people who voted said they have named or currently have names for their boobs.

The best part was some of these names were hilarious, clever, and witty AF. So we want to know what awesome name(s) do you have for your boobs?

Maybe you named your boobs after a famous duo like Bonnie and Clyde.

Or you named them after badass women, so your boobs would embody their strength.

Perhaps you named them after their favorite food.

Or your liquor of choice.

We want to know what super awesome name(s) you've given your breasts.

Leave your names in the comments below and your answer might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.