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Tell Us Your Best Tips For Raising LGBT Kids

Because it could go a long way.

Parenting is difficult.

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There's really no manual.

But it can be especially tough if you find yourself in a situation you didn't expect or don't feel equipped to handle.

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Like, when your kid comes out to you as LGBT.

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If you're a parent, we want to know what you wish you had known about how to really crush it parenting-wise when your kid came out to you.

And if you're an LGBT-identified person who came out to your parents, we want to know what they did really well and what they could've, er, improved on.

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Maybe you wish your parent hadn't asked you if it was "a phase."


Perhaps your parent totally crushed it — they found a PFLAG chapter and joined ASAP.


And they told you up and down that they loved and supported you no matter what.

Maybe you're a parent who wishes you'd been more accepting immediately, instead of taking a while to come around.


Or maybe you made it a priority to encourage your child to express their gender however they wanted to.

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And you did everything you could to learn about supporting an LGBT kid.

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Like helping your child figure out how to start coming out to others if that's what they wanted.

So tell us: What advice would you give parents about supporting LGBT kids? / Via Instagram: @heymattcameron

Parents and guardians: We want to know all about how you totally nailed it and about your missteps. We want to know what you've learned and what you would've done differently. LGBT folks: We want to know how your parents supported you and also what they could've done way better at.

Tell us in the comments below and your answer might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.