15 Tips For Surviving Election Talk Over The Holidays

    Please pass the candied yams and the blinding rage.

    Happy holidays and welcome to Thunderdome.

    1. Know your role going in.

    2. Consider setting some ground rules ahead of time in a group email/text/call.

    3. Don't use the holiday get-together as an opportunity to unload all your pent-up anger and frustration about the election.

    4. Let go of the expectation that you'll get everyone to agree with you.

    5. Make the conversation about your experiences and feelings, rather than trying to force facts and prove your point.

    6. And be thoughtful about how you talk; avoid shaming and labeling.

    7. And make an effort to really listen.

    8. Attempt to find some common ground.

    9. Have a game plan for when you feel personally attacked.

    10. Let your body be your stress gauge.

    11. Just in case everything goes sideways, make sure you have your support systems in place.

    12. Don't engage with anyone who's arguing drunkenly.

    13. Figure out what you want your relationships to be with those people you disagree with.

    14. Remember this isn't your last/only opportunity to get people to see where you're coming from.

    15. And don't forget about the family you have outside of the people you eat with at the holidays.

    Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!