14 Helpful Tips For Talking About the Election With People You Don't Agree With

    So that it's not WWIII every time you and a loved one discuss politics.

    To say that tension is running high after this election would be an understatement.

    So this is probably an especially difficult time if you and your loved ones have opposing political views.

    1. First, allow yourself to feel all of the emotions that this election or your opposing political views are triggering in you.

    2. Try not to ban election talk with a person completely, unless you've both agreed that's the only option.

    3. But instead of just impulsively talking/yelling about the election with them right now, try to plan the right time and place to have this conversation.

    4. Okay, you're ready to have The Talk. Just check yourself before you go into it to make sure you're really equipped to handle it right now.

    5. Let go of the expectation that in order to have a strong relationship with someone you HAVE to agree on everything.

    6. Instead, put the importance on learning how to disagree respectfully.

    7. And even if you can't validate their thoughts, try to validate their feelings. (And expect the same from them.)

    8. Make sure you're really listening and not just forcing your point of view on them.

    9. Don't let the discussion snowball into topics that have nothing to do with politics or the election.

    10. If you feel yourself losing control, pause, take a deep breath, and say you need to collect yourself before resuming the conversation.

    11. If their social media is taking a toll on your mental health, it may be time to cut them off digitally.

    12. Remember all of the positives of this person and why — political beliefs aside — you value your relationship with them.

    13. Then decide what your relationship with that person means to you and what you want that to look like in the future.

    14. And whenever you can, get back to doing or talking about the things you usually enjoy together.

    Be kind to one another. The most important thing is that you care.