39 Things You Can Do Today To Make Someone Feel A Little Less Alone

    Because we need to take care of each other.

    1. Leave an uplifting note on their desk.

    2. Text them quotes from their favorite movies.

    3. Take them out to get a bowl of delicious, hot ramen.

    4. Let them cry on your shoulder for as long as they need.

    5. Hug the shit out of them.

    6. Remind them that there are a lot of good people in this world.

    7. Bring them ALL the red wine. Or any wine. Just all of it.

    8. Volunteer with them at a local organization.

    9. Tell them: "You are valid in your feelings."

    10. Take a few things off their to-do list.

    11. Dance around ridiculously with them to their favorite music.

    12. Bring them a wonderful puppy to hang out with.

    13. Go on a long walk with them.

    14. Take them a slice of their favorite pizza.

    15. Mail them a hand-written card.

    16. Binge-watch their favorite show with them.

    17. Take action on their behalf and get involved.

    18. Tell them: "You are enough. You are more than enough."

    19. Cook a delicious recipe with them from scratch.

    20. Bring them their morning coffee.

    21. Plan a day trip with them.

    22. Send them your favorite photo of the two of you.

    23. Go with them to see a movie in theatre.

    24. And make sure you get the extra buttery popcorn.

    25. Take them to a happy hour.

    26. Tell them a few horrendous dad jokes.

    27. Tell them: "I'm thinking about you."

    28. Bake them a batch of fresh cookies.

    29. Build a blanket fort with them in their living room.

    30. Eat all the carbs with them... unless they're gluten free.

    31. Offer to walk with them on their commute so they feel safe.

    32. Take them to a boozy paint class.

    33. Give them a back massage.

    34. Call them to check in.

    35. Bring them a bouquet of flowers.

    36. Listen to them vent.

    37. Leave them an extra-nice message on their social media.

    38. Remind them that you'll never stop fighting for them.

    39. Tell them: "You mean the world to me and that will never change."