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31 Things That Helped People Love Their Vaginas

"Shout out to uteruses, the original 3D printers."

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Vaginas and vulvas are wonderful, but not everyone automatically loves theirs all the time.

Societal expectations, stereotypes in the media, and unsolicited critiques don't exactly help.

So we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what made them come to love and accept their vulva or vagina. Here's what they said:

2. Going au naturel. / Via Instagram: @saramakes222

"I learned to love my vagina when I stopped waxing my pubic hair. It was painful and made me feel uncomfortable with all the redness, ingrown hairs, etc. When I started having sex with my (now) fiancé, he loved my vagina/vulva, hair and all!"



8. "Having confidence in the rest of my body." / Via

"That confidence translated into having more sexual partners who in turn contributed to my sexual confidence and improved relationship with my vagina and accompanying parts."

—Nicole Stamas, Facebook


17. Getting diagnosed with endometriosis and learning how important the reproductive system is. / Via Instagram: @feministprobs

"My reproductive organs don't function properly, and over time I've learned just how much that can affect my overall wellbeing. I've learned to love, value, and take extra care of my body, because an unhappy system can be debilitating."



21. "Watching body-positive porn with my husband."

20th Century Fox / Via

"I was very close friends with two guys in college who believed the myth that the size of your labia is a sign of promiscuity. It made me very insecure about my vulva, even though I knew they were ignorant. When I opened up to my husband about my insecurities with my vulva, he reassured me that he found my body beautiful and arousing. He picked out some body-positive porn for us to watch together and get excited by, to further reassure me of his opinion and of the fact that it's OK to like how I look!"


22. Getting a cervical cancer screening.

FOX / Via

"When I went for my first pap test and it came back irregular — meaning I ended up having to undergo over a year of follow-up tests and minor treatment. It made me realize my vagina is very intimate, precious, and shouldn't be ignored or be an afterthought."



24. "Realizing I can pleasure myself better than anyone else can."

Hit-Boy / Via

"In my own time. At my own pace. That it's there to help me whenever I feel down. I appreciate it so much more than I used to. The whole thing is an endless source of pleasure and self-acceptance."


25. Watching bisexual porn for the first time. / Via

"I used to think vaginas were this weird thing that should never be talked about. I only ever changed my mind when I started watching porn, specifically girl-on-girl stuff (bisexual awakening!). They seemed so comfortable with their bodies and with showing off their stuff that I decided I should give mine a look."



28. "Growing into myself and finding my identity." / Via Instagram: @plannedparenthood

"Being a nonbinary individual, it took me a long time to love my vagina. I felt like because I wanted to change the way my chest looked, then that meant I also had to change downstairs, too. Now I realize how wonderful my body is."


30. Becoming educated on everything vagina-related.

Comedy Central / Via

"I realized that my amount of discharge is completely normal and that I was taking care of it all wrong. I started to take probiotics to maintain my sensitive pH and found significant others that loved me and my vagina."