31 Things That Helped People Love Their Vaginas

    "Shout out to uteruses, the original 3D printers."

    Vaginas and vulvas are wonderful, but not everyone automatically loves theirs all the time.

    Societal expectations, stereotypes in the media, and unsolicited critiques don't exactly help.

    So we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what made them come to love and accept their vulva or vagina. Here's what they said:

    1. Seeing The Vagina Monologues performed.

    2. Going au naturel.

    3. Reading How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran.

    4. "Learning how to masturbate at 13."

    5. "Discovering how to make myself orgasm."

    6. Reading the Guide to Getting It On by Paul Joannides.

    7. "Realizing it's mine and a beautiful part of my body."

    8. "Having confidence in the rest of my body."

    9. "Getting my first bikini wax."

    10. Watching porn for the first time.

    11. Reading I <3 Female Orgasm.

    12. Using a menstrual cup.

    13. "Using a vibrator for the first time."

    14. Watching Sexplanations on YouTube.

    15. "Having sex with the right person."

    16. Getting a hysterectomy.

    17. Getting diagnosed with endometriosis and learning how important the reproductive system is.

    18. "Realizing I'm a lesbian."

    19. "Pushing an almost 7 lb human out and it going back to normal like nothing happened."

    20. "Watching a video of my son being born."

    21. "Watching body-positive porn with my husband."

    22. Getting a cervical cancer screening.

    23. Finding the right birth control.

    24. "Realizing I can pleasure myself better than anyone else can."

    25. Watching bisexual porn for the first time.

    26. "Discovering the clit."

    27. Giving it actual compliments.

    28. "Growing into myself and finding my identity."

    29. "Naming my labia after characters from a cartoon."

    30. Becoming educated on everything vagina-related.

    31. Learning it doesn't need to smell like peaches and cream to be healthy.

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