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Tells Us Your Most Horrifying Breakup Story

Since we can't all write songs about it like T-Swift.

Most breakups are really tough, regardless of the circumstances.

But some stories just really take the cake in the most awkward/horrible/worst breakup category.

Like, maybe you got dumped at a restaurant, in front of all your friends, on your BIRTHDAY.

Or you found out you were no longer in a relationship through checking your DMs.

Or maybe, your S.O. decided it'd be a great idea to break up during the FIRST day of your really long and really expensive vacation.

Perhaps you got dumped on your freaking wedding day, while you were waiting at the altar, and your fiancé just DIDN'T SHOW UP.

Or after YEARS of living together, your S.O. just casually asked if you could move out ASAP... via email.

Or maybe you found out things were over because you came home one day to find your S.O. hooking up with your next-door neighbor.

So we want to know: What is your most horrifying breakup story?

Tell us in the dropbox below and the best answers will appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post or video.