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What Helped You Eat A Lower-Added-Sugar Diet?

Because it's not easy stuff to cut down on.

Sugar is definitely DELICIOUS.

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No doubt about that, obviously.

So trying to limit your intake of added sugar can be really rough when you're first starting out.

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(Added sugar just means sugar that's added to food during manufacturing or processing. So, like, not the naturally occurring sugar in fruit and dairy.)

That's why we want to know your tips and tricks for making eating less added sugar a whole lot easier.

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Maybe you experimented with some delicious lower-sugar recipes and started making most of your own meals, desserts, and snacks.

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Maybe you learned more about how eating specific amounts of sugar affects your body.

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And that gave you enough context to make some small changes here and there.

Or maybe you started scheduling most of your sugar-heavy snacks before or after your workouts.

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Perhaps you started by looking at everything you eat in a day and determined which sugar-packed things you could live without.

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Or you committed to reading nutrition labels and understanding just how much sugar is in your favorite foods.

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And you found that if you ate more protein- and fat-heavy meals, you missed sugar less.

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So we want to know: What things really made the difference in helping you maintain a lower-added-sugar diet?

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We're looking for things that made eating less added sugar a little bit easier on you, whether it's something you learned through trial and error or something you tried because of advice from a registered dietitian, doctor, family member, etc.

Tell us in the form below and your answer could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post or video.