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    22 Products For Anyone Who's A Sweaty Mess When They Work Out

    Whether you're running, hiking, biking, or literally just walking in hot weather.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    1. A weather app that will tell you the optimal time to work out.

    Runcast looks at daily temperatures, wind speed, and humidity to let you know what time of the day you should get after it.

    Buy it here for $0.99.

    2. A sweat-wicking headband that will keep your noggin cool and the sweat out of your eyes.

    Because sweat is basically a safety hazard, tbh.

    Buy it here for $15.

    3. A belt that can securely hold a water bottle as well as priority belongings.

    This pack sits snugly against your body, so it won't move all around even as you go hard.

    Buy it here for $30.

    4. And a tray that will make ice cubes you can fit into your portable water bottle.

    Those little water bottles are great and all, but tiny ice cubes will make them so. much. better.

    Buy it here for $15.

    5. A towel that instantly cools when it's soaked with water.

    They'll feel heavenly against your neck, giving your body some much needed relief from the scorching temps.

    Buy the Hyper-Absorbent Cooling Sports Towel here for $20, and the Mission Enduracool Microfiber Cooling Towel here for $15.

    6. A reusable cooling pack that attaches to your hand.

    This frozen gel pack stays cool for up to 60 minutes. Hell yes.

    Buy it here for $15.

    7. A ventilated sports cap that will keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face.

    Think about it as portable shade. 🙌

    Buy it here for $30.

    8. And a high-SPF sport sunscreen that won't wash off with your sweat.

    A lot of extra protection from the sun never hurt nobody.

    Buy it here for $11.

    9. Non-constricting shorts that will help prevent annoying swampass.

    They'll wick away sweat and keep things nice and breezy down there.

    Buy the men's short here for $30, and the women's short here for $30.

    10. And underwear that will keep your goods dry and way less chafing-prone.

    It's impossible to get in a good workout if you're uncomfortable down there, just saying.

    Buy the Patagonia Women's Active Hipster here for $24, and the A HeatGear® Performance Boxerjock® 2-Pack here for $35.

    11. A light reservoir pack will also keep your back cool.

    Become your own hydration station.

    Buy the Elite Reservoir here for $30.

    12. A reusable bottle that you can fold up once you've tanked all the water.

    Collapse it and easily store it on the go.

    Buy it here for $13.

    13. And flavored tablets that'll help you stay hydrated.

    Drop these in your water when it's hot AF outside.

    Buy both here for $6.

    14. Salt pills to replace all the sodium you lose when you're sweating out buckets.

    Here's why you should consider taking salt pills.

    Buy them here for $20.

    15. A ventilated, sweat-wicking top that's lightweight and dries quickly.

    They're the next best thing to running naked.

    Buy The NorthFace here for $50, and the Under Armour tank here for $40.

    16. Or an odor-resistant, chafing-minimizing compression shirt that also wicks sweat.

    Who doesn't want a little extra odor protection during the year's sweatiest workouts?

    Buy it here for $40.

    17. These sleeves made with cooling technology.

    They may look funky, but they'll protect your arms from the sun and help regulate your body temp.

    Buy the Zoot Arm Coolers here for $35, and the Novara Sun Sleeves here for $22.50.

    18. Some breathable, lightweight socks that will keep your feet comfy in the heat.

    You can't concentrate on your workout if your feet are soggy and suffocating.

    Buy the Teko RunFit Running Fitness Socks here for $15, and the Phd® Outdoor Ultra Light Micro Socks here for $16.

    19. A sweat-resistant gel that's easy to apply and will help prevent blisters.

    Keep your feet happy by applying this gel before getting to it.

    Buy it here for $7.

    20. And a sports bra that gives support AND allows your chest to breathe.

    Support in the front. And mesh ventilation in the back. That's a win-win.

    Buy it here for $25-50.

    21. Sunglasses that will stay put on your face no matter what exercise you're doing.

    These sunglasses rock double-snap nose pads and traction grip so they won't slip off your face, no matter how sweaty you get.

    Buy it here for $100 - $160.

    22. And butt paste to protect your skin from chafing and jock itch.

    Keep your butt and privates rash-free.

    Buy it here for $15.

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