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29 Badass Instagrams That Will Give You Life Goals

All the ass-kicking workouts, healthy recipes, and words of motivation you need to start crushing it.

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1. For when you want a personal trainer but can't really afford one:

@nataliejillfit gives you all the bodyweight workouts you need to get stronger; no need to break the bank on a gym or an IRL trainer.

2. For when you're trying to eat healthier without sacrificing happiness:

@lorrainepascale shares recipes for meals and snacks that are actually delicious and will get you excited about eating cleaner.

3. For when you need a reminder of the amazing feats your body is capable of:

@teamsomeassemblyrequired's account is filled with inspiring adaptive athletes — some have amputations or prosthetic limbs — doing amazing things, proving your body is capable of pretty impressive stuff when you push yourself.

4. For when you're trying to master the art that is meal prep:

@howeweeat teaches you how to master portions and meal prep, so that eating healthy becomes convenient and enjoyable.

5. For when you need a little push to step outside your comfort zone:

@gopro collects the most stunning and insane photos taken on GoPros around the world. The compilation will have you itching to test your limits and experience something new.

6. For when you want to gawk at healthy food that actually looks good:

@fitmencook makes mouthwatering dishes for every meal from minimally processed and whole ingredients.

7. For when you need a little extra gym motivation:

@jeremystadler019 is a super-strong athlete who goes hard in the weight room and has the inspiring selfies to prove it.

8. For all the runners and aspiring runners looking to rack up some mileage:

@nikerunning offers photos of runners getting after it, plus impressive trails and inspiring professional athletes.

9. For when you hit a wall and need to remember why you started:

@krystalcantu is a CrossFit adaptive athlete who posts photos of her workouts and fitness accomplishments and the accomplishments of her peers.

10. For when you need a reminder to be comfortable in your own skin:

@biggalyoga has made it her mission to prove that every body can be a yoga body and that self-love should always be the goal.

11. For when you want workout moves with a side of serious tone-up inspiration:

@massy.arias is a health coach whose mission is to help people overcome their body issues and become the strongest they can be from the inside out.

12. For healthy recipes from registered dietitians that are easy and affordable:

@foodheavenshow is an account run by two dietitian best friends — Wendy and Jess — who show you how to make simple, nutritious recipes for every meal.

13. For kickass total-body moves you can incorporate into your workouts:

@fitwithcurves is run by personal trainer Tatiana Scott, who posts workouts, nutritional advice, and motivational photos.

14. For when you need badass athletes to inspire you to get shit done:

Need an extra push to get that workout in? @underarmourwomen is filled with photos of kickass female athletes to remind you that you that hard work is hardcore awesome.

15. For when you're trying to be a little bit more fearless:

@thenorthface captures incredible photos of people doing amazing things in beautiful places.

16. For when your goal is to overcome your fear of getting upside down:

@mynameisjessamyn is a yoga teacher who posts photos of impressive inversions — among other challenging moves.

17. For when becoming mentally tougher is your endgame:

@willsworkout offers workout routines and inspirational words to work you physically and mentally.

18. For easy-to-follow workouts that will get you seriously strong:

@hollyperkins is a certified strength and conditioning coach who posts total-body workouts, fitness tips, and healthy recipes.

19. For delicious-looking desserts that are somehow not that bad for you:

@chocolatecoveredkatie uses her account to share raw, sugar-free, and heavenly dessert recipes that will satisfy all of your cravings.

20. For when you need a quick workout you can do anywhere, at anytime:

@ivfitness has tons of great workout routines — both with weights and without — that incorporate a range of exercises to help you get in shape whether you have access to a gym or not.

21. For organic and vegan recipes that look irresistible:

@adamkenworthy is a vegan chef who shares photos of his organic farm in Nicaragua and the beautiful meals that he prepares.

22. For when you're stuck indoors and need a dose of vitamin D:

@yoga_girl's bright and beautiful photos are much needed if you've spent all day cooped up in a cubicle.

23. For when you're trying to get more vegetables into your diet, but still want to enjoy life:

@albeeats shows tons of veggie-heavy options that can make eating well less of a chore.

24. For free workout routines, healthy recipes, and motivational words from a celebrity trainer:

@msjeanettejenkins is a celebrity trainer who uses her account for sharing workouts, nutrition tips, and motivational advice.

25. For when you need a healthy dose of real talk every now and then.

Shameless plug: The @buzzfeedhealth account has more reassuring gems like this, plus ridiculously good recipes, motivational quotes, and just general awesome photos.

26. For when you want your apparel game to be as tight as your workout game:

When you look good, you feel good. And @reebokwomen's Instagram keeps you updated on the latest looks that will get you pumped to get your fitness on.

27. For when your day calls for soothing photos and inspiring words:

@mindbodygreen is a great account to follow when you need a gentle reminder to slow down, lighten up, and show more gratitude.

28. For when your goal is to get your ass off the couch and outside:

@isurfiyoga posts breathtaking photos of yoga being practiced around the world.

29. And for all the at-home workouts you're totally going to do someday:

@fitgirlvideos makes it so that you don't need to leave the comfort of your home in order to get in a solid sweat session. #Bless 🙏

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