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24 Little Things Busy AF People Do To Stay Healthy

Simple steps you can take to feel a little healthier this year — whether it's mentally or physically.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can be tough, especially if your schedule is busy AF.

1. Free yourself from believing that it's your responsibility to make everyone happy.

2. End those draining friendships that have been taking a toll on your mental health, or at least stop devoting your time and mental energy to them.

3. Leave the house at least once every single day.

4. Put a "no bullshit" policy into effect, and hold yourself accountable.

5. Try to drink more water and tea, and less sugary coffees, juices, sodas, and alcohol.

6. And quit drinking diet sodas, too.

7. Try an app, like Fabulous, that helps you take up small healthy habits and stick with them.

8. Do simple at-home workouts, even if it's just some stretching or a few sets of crunches.

9. Slowly use less of, and maybe eventually try to cut out, sugary sauces and condiments.

10. And try eating less added sugar altogether.

11. Stop crash dieting, and focus more on learning what's actually in the food you're eating.

12. But definitely add more veggies into your diet.

13. Allow yourself to sleep in just an extra 10 minutes every morning.

14. Tackle only one thing on your to-do list at a time, and don't beat yourself up over things taking longer than you thought.

15. Make your mental health a priority and maybe find a professional who can help you do that.

16. Start following social media accounts that will inspire you to eat/live healthier.

17. Stop grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

18. Stock your home with ~healthyish~, delicious groceries you'll actually want to cook with.

19. And start attempting to cook your own meals, even if it's just a few times per week.

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I started cooking at home more. My mom has diabetes, and when she was taking care of my grandmother, I started doing more cooking. My grandmother has passed on, but I haven’t stopped doing the majority of the cooking. We still eat out occasionally, but it’s enough of a change that my mom’s blood sugar has been better, and her A1C and triglycerides have improved, too. My sibling also is no longer pre-diabetic!


I've started watching a ton of streaming cooking shows, subscribed to the BuzzFeed Tasty newsletter, and have learned a lot of new healthy cooking ideas.


20. Make a commitment to cutting out some time every week to catch up with loved ones.

21. Start making doctor appointments and actually going to them.

22. Make a pact to be on social media less, or even delete your accounts for some time, to reflect on how your habits are affecting your life.

23. Learn what macronutrients are and take them into consideration when planning out your meals.

24. And finally, consider joining a gym so you can lift some weights and feel strong AF.

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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