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17 Cleanses That Will Help You Start 2016 Off Right

Time to detox, declutter, and de-shittyfriend your life.

1. The Unfriend Cleanse

Shannon Rosenberg / BuzzFeed

Just go ahead and unfriend all the people who don't make you feel good about yourself — like former friends or co-workers who you basically just hate-stalk. Everyone you follow should contribute to your life in a positive way, whether it's accounts that keep you updated on news, inspire you to reach your goals, or help you network, or just friends and family you want to keep in touch with.

2. The IRL Unfriend Cleanse

Most people deserve a second chance, but if someone repeatedly breaks their promises, lets you down, or just outright mistreats you, it may be time to cut the tie. It will be uncomfortable and difficult at first, but down the road your mental health will thank you. Here's exactly how to break up with a friend like an adult.

3. The Inbox Cleanse

Alice Mongkonglite / BuzzFeed

Take this 5-day Inbox Cleanse so that life is 100% easier and email is no longer a huge source of your stress. “Email is one of the biggest productivity suckers in the world,” Barbara Hemphill previously told BuzzFeed Life. “The average amount of emails in an inbox is 3,000. People get so overwhelmed by email that they want to avoid it.”

4. The Wut-Is-Even-in-This-Bag Cleanse

Empty out your purse, gym bag, makeup bag, whatever, and toss all those year-old receipts, nasty gum wrappers, half-eaten energy bars, and broken eyeshadow palettes you're never going to need again.

5. The Single Sock Cleanse

Some people like wearing mismatched socks, and hey, that's your prerogative. But if you spend half of every morning searching for a pair of matching socks before you walk out the door, it's time to collect all of your lonely singles and donate them or make them into rags you can use for cleaning.

6. The Outdated Condom Cleanse

Yes, condoms do expire. And yes, using expired condoms increases your chances of STIs and pregnancy. So go through and dump those old rubbers now or risk making a baby.

7. The I-Took-Too-Many-Selfies Cleanse

Twitter: @sierra_furtado

Nothing shameful about snapping a few selfies on days when you're feeling yourself. But...your camera roll doesn't need that many photos of you in the same outfit, on the same day, making the same face. Storage space is limited, people.

8. The OMG-We-Have-to-Get-Drinks-Soon Cleanse

Awkward situations may call for desperate measures, but it's time to stop saying things you know you don't mean — whether it's telling old acquaintances you really want to meet up, agreeing to go to that party you absolutely know you're not attending, or telling that poor person who's asked you out a million times that you totally will when you're not swamped at work.

9. The WTF-Are-All-These-Papers Cleanse

Go through all of your personal spaces — work desk, house, car, etc. — collect all the loose papers you have lying around, and either file them or throw them away.

Here are some organizational tips that are guaranteed to make life a whole lot easier.

10. The Ex Cleanse / Via

Do it. Delete all your exes' numbers from your phone and actually throw away all that shit they left at your place that you've been keeping around for no good reason. It'll probably be painful, especially if the breakup is fresh, but holding on to their number/T-shirt/toothbrush isn't going to help you out in 2016.

11. The Closet Cleanse

Dig deep into the black hole and get rid of all the crap you know you aren't going to wear anymore. Sell it, donate it, or offer it up to friends and family.

12. The Tinder Cleanse

If you matched with someone 24 weeks ago and not a message has been sent (or you were brave enough to send the first message and got no response), unmatch that shit.

13. The Yes-I-Know-My-Storage-Is-Almost-Full Cleanse

Instagram: @a.henley_

Clear some space by deleting all those memos, photos, or apps that you don't use or need anymore. Oh look, now you can actually download that update from 15 months ago!

14. The Medicine Cabinet Cleanse

Chances are this is a big, stressful hodgepodge of lotions, soaps, and 100% expired medicine. Here are some tips for making your bathroom way better in 2016.

15. The Foods-and-Drinks-That-Make-You-Vomit Cleanse

ABC / Via

If your stomach has repeatedly told you that it doesn't tolerate cheese doodles or tequila, it may be time to start believing it. Do yourself a favor and stop ingesting them.

16. The Negativity Cleanse

You are probably your harshest critic. And most times, the only thing holding you back from getting to where you want to be is yourself. Take some time to recognize all your self-deprecating negative thoughts and write them down. Then come up with something positive that you can use to counteract each thought when you're struggling.

17. The Bad Blood Cleanse

Forgive and make peace with those grudges you've been holding against others and yourself. Understand that everyone (including you) makes mistakes, and move on. Yeah, that's easier said than done, but who really wants to bring all that garbage into 2016?

It's a brand-new year! Detox the negative, seek out the positive, and make it a great one!

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