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17 Products That Will Make Winter Suck A Whole Lot Less

Skincare, household, and wardrobe items that have helped a Hawaiian survive the cold weather during east coast winters.

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Hi! My name is Shannon and I was born and raised in Hawai'i. Therefore, as you can imagine, winter is definitely my least favorite season.

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I've been here on the ~mainland~ for nine whole years now, and while I always love the first snow of the season, the rest of winter is not fun for this Pacific Islander.

So over time, I've come up with a list of products that have made the frigid months a whole lot more survivable, and I'm going to share them with you here! Hopefully they help you as much as they've helped me.

1. This ear warmer headband that will keep your hair back and your ears nice and toasty.

Whether I'm wearing it for an outdoor workout or just for a walk to the grocery store, this headband has kept my head and ears very happy.

Get this headband from Lululemon for $19.00.

2. These fuzzy socks that have anti-skid grips so you can comfortably walk on freezing hardwood and tile floors without wiping out.

These are KEY, especially if the heating in your apartment sucks as bad as mine does.

Get two pairs from Amazon for $8.95.

3. This happy light that will brighten the whole room and doubles as an alarm clock.

Look, the worst thing about winter is that it gets dark WAY TOO EARLY. There are some days where it feels like my body actually didn't see the light of day. So this happy light has been a must for me.

Get this Philips Wake-up Light from Amazon for $49.79.


4. This hand lotion that'll keep your skin from painfully cracking or getting caught on literally everything you touch.

I used to live in a place that was so humid we didn't need to moisturize. So I hate lotions that don't absorb well or leave my hands feeling slippery. This is the best hand lotion I've come across.

Get a tube from Amazon for $7.26.

5. This pocket-sized hand sanitizer because there's always someone sick — literally all of the time.

I probably use mine three to four times per day. Yes, that may be excessive. But hey, your girl's trying to stay healthy, alright?

Get a pack of five from Bath & Body Works for $6.00.

6. This healing ointment that you can put not only on your lips, but on your entire body for healthy skin.,

I HATE dry skin on my lips. It is the bane of my existence.

Get this two-pack from Amazon for $5.26, and the tub for $10.44.

7. This space heater that I'd like buried alongside me in my grave.

As I said earlier, the heating in my apartment is a piece of shit. So appliances like my space heater are must-haves during the winter. I highly recommend one.

Get this one from Amazon for $62.99.


8. These gloves with heat tech that allow you to access your phone while keeping them on.

NO ONE, I repeat, no one, wants frozen fingers. Nobody wants to take off their gloves when it's cold out, either. These gloves solve both problems — you can stay warm while the heat tech transmits heat from your fingers to your phone, giving you allll the access.

Get a pair from Amazon for $10.98.

9. A down comforter that will keep you warm AF while you get some shut-eye.

Getting a down alternative comforter (a synthetic cheaper option) was a GAME CHANGER. Layering blankets on blankets works until you mess them all up the second you roll around. Get one of these bad boys and you'll sleep like a baby.

Get one from Amazon for $31.99.

10. A thick body-length robe that will make leaving the steamy hot shower less torturous.

There are times where I'll spend an extra 10 minutes under the hot water because I don't want to subject my half-wet body to the cold. Robes really help. They are the best.

Get this one from Amazon for $29.99.

11. These moisturizing tissues because your nose WILL run at least three times every single day that you step outside.

These make it so that you don't have to awkwardly wipe your nose with your bare hand or part of your clothing, which yes, is gross. AND your nose also won't get red and sore from repeatedly rubbing it all day long.

Get a pack of three from Amazon for $7.99.


12. A travel mug that will keep your drink hot pretty much all day.

That way you can take a sip every time you're outside and need something to take the bite away.

Get a 12 oz. mug on Amazon for $21.95.

13. This heated blanket that really does wonders, and means you don't have to wear three layers just to sit on the couch.

If you're not looking to shell out money for a space heater, this blanket is a great, cozy alternative!

Get one here from Amazon for $43.99.

14. Or this non-heated one that's just as comfy and perfect for snuggling.

It is guaranteed, that anytime I'm at home, I have this blanket wrapped around my body. I hate parting with it to even use the bathroom.

Get one here from Amazon for $29.99.

15. This plant or these plant decorations to add a little bit more green to your environment.,

I LOVE plants. And I really enjoy spending time outdoors, so I take every chance I get to decorate my space with green. I own a real spider plant, which is great and only has to be watered once per week. But plants can be a big responsibility, so fake plants are great too!

Get a spider plant here for $10.99 and the plant painting canvas paintings here for $22.90.


16. These candles that smell like the outdoors, so you can pretend you're in nature when you actually have no plans to leave your apartment.

Going with the more "green" theme, I always burn a candle at home because not only do they smell great, but they also smell like nature, which is important during a season where everything is dying. (Sorry if that's dark.)

Get both from Bath & Body Works for $12.25.

17. These SOREL or Merrell heavy-duty waterproof shoes that you can wear everywhere (including work) and keep your feet dry and happy in cold temps.,

Boots can get a little bit pricey. But if my feet are miserable, the rest of me is miserable, too. So I've found that it's incredibly worth it to splurge a little on a pair of boots that will last me multiple winters.

Get the SOREL boots from Zappos for $139.95 and the Merrell boots from Merrell's website for $225.00.

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