Here's What Happens When You Exercise After Drinking

    Do you gotta skip that happy hour or nah?

    Ever been about to work out when you get a text from a friend asking you to meet them for happy hour? Brunch? Taco Tequila Tuesday?

    First, here's what happens to your body when you drink alcohol:

    Just one adult beverage can affect the way your brain works.

    For most people, it'll take a few drinks to really feel the effects while exercising.

    So clearly anything that requires concentration, balance, or technical ability is probably a don't.

    Not to mention your energy levels and endurance will take a pretty big hit.

    You might also get dehydrated more easily/have to pee every five minutes.

    Drinking can also affect the way you build muscle and recover after exercise.

    And you probably shouldn't use alcohol to relax before a big game or race.

    OK so you went to happy hour but you really want to work out. HALP.

    Bottom line: Exercising after a drink isn't ideal. But if you do it, keep things simple and low intensity

    Cheers to that!