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    22 Cheat Sheets For Anyone Who Wants A Bigger Butt

    Exercise routines, diet tips, and recipes for putting more junk in that trunk.

    So you want a fuller, stronger butt.

    As BuzzFeed Health has previously reported, your butt is made up of three glute muscles — the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and gluteus maximus — which are covered with a layer of fat. So getting that bun definition is going to require way more than just doing an absurd amount of squats, or trying to eat slightly more carefully. It actually usually requires following a careful diet that's focused on losing or maintaining body fat and a workout routine that challenges the entire body, especially the glutes.

    Building a larger tush is a commitment, so to make it a little more doable, here are some cheat sheets to help you with butt-particular diet and exercise.

    1. For high-intensity cardio that targets your backside:

    2. For learning proper squat form so you don't get yourself injured:

    3. For when you want to learn more what different portion sizes look like:

    4. And for learning what a balanced meal looks like when you're trying to watch your carbs to lose some body fat:

    5. For learning how to cook and eat complex carbs:

    6. For a butt-centric, high-intensity regimen that could help you burn calories:

    7. For a few exercises you can mix into any routine so that every day is butt workout day:

    8. For when you're ready to add some serious weight into your workout routine, which will only speed up your results:

    9. For a few tasty swaps that will make eating lower-carb a little easier:

    10. For a short, doable program that will definitely get you working towards your goals:

    11. For when you're looking for a longer challenge that will make glute-building exercises a habit:

    12. For exactly what to eat pre- and post-workout to maximize your results:

    13. For when you have zero time but still want those buns, hun:

    14. For learning how to make all the protein you'll be eating especially tasty:

    15. For delicious, meat-free ways to incorporate protein into your meals:

    16. For when you're ready to take your weightlifting to the next level:

    17. For learning how much sugar you're consuming and the many names for it on food labels:

    18. For another super quick butt-centric workout that will seriously get your heart rate up:

    19. For a booty-burning resistance band workout:

    20. For if you want a bigger behind, but yoga is more your speed:

    21. For a bunch of lower body stretches that will help you get ready for and recover from your workouts:

    22. And for info on how the hell you use a foam roller to massage out your tight AF lower-body muscles: