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    23 Times Life Was Really Hard For People With No Poker Face

    Uncontrollable sweating, cringing, eye-rolling, and grinning ahead.

    1. When your friend shows up with an unfortunate looking haircut:

    2. When your roommate asks if you ate their leftovers:

    3. When you smell something really bad and realize it's the person next to you:

    4. When someone you don't like gets in trouble for something:

    NBC / Via

    5. When you're at the bar and someone uses a super cheesy pickup line on you:

    6. When someone asks you something they definitely could have Googled:

    BRAVO / Via

    7. When your crush walks in and they look good AF:

    8. When your boss asks you to step into their office:

    USA / Via

    9. When you're upset and someone asks how you're doing:

    10. When your coworker brags about all the awesome sex she and her boyfriend are having:

    11. When your friend's parents ask if you like the new gluten-free recipe they made for dinner:

    12. When your best friend introduces you to their ~other~ best friend:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    13. When the interviewer asks you a question you weren’t prepared for:

    FOX / Via

    14. When you pull a prank on someone and you're waiting for them to find out:

    TLC / Via

    15. When you run into your ex after the gym:

    NBC / Via

    16. When your least favorite person in the room speaks up during a meeting:

    17. When someone asks how their outfit looks and you don't want to hurt their feelings:

    18. When your boss asks you to do something you have zero experience with:

    NBC / Via

    19. When your friend asks if they can "just vent for a few minutes" and it's been 37 minutes:

    20. When your parents are yelling at your sibling for something that you definitely did:

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    21. When your friend asks what you think of their date — and they kinda suck:

    22. When someone suggests going to a club:

    23. When you realize you left your phone in the backseat of an Uber:

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