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28 Times You Realized Your Best Friend Was Actually Your Soulmate

You're more beautiful than Cinderella. And you smell like pine needles. And your face is like sunshine.

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7. When they hated someone you also hated...just on principle.

10. Every time they knew the perfect food to go with your current feelings.

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When you flunked a test, got into a fight with your mom, or didn't get that job you wanted, they had a takeout menu for that.


15. And when they kept you updated on how much your ex STILL sucks, even though it was totally creepy.

The only picture they've been tagged in for the past month was posted by their mom...and it wasn't great tbh.


17. When they basically wrote your texts when you had no idea what to say.

22. Every time they had no problem being completely honest with you.

25. And every time they kept you grounded.