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28 Times You Realized Your Best Friend Was Actually Your Soulmate

You're more beautiful than Cinderella. And you smell like pine needles. And your face is like sunshine.

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1. When they somehow hated your ex more than you did.

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2. When they stopped you from making like a billion horrible decisions.

They're actually an angel from heaven.
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They're actually an angel from heaven.

3. When they were the only one who told you that you had something in your teeth.

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No one else was going to say anything?? Really, people!!??

4. When they sat there and listened to you talk for hours about how perfect your current crush is.

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"But seriously have I mentioned how much they love dogs, because they LOVE DOGS."

5. And when they were the first one by your side when that asshole broke your heart.

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6. Every time they knew exactly what you needed after one of those days.

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They they were, shot glass in hand.

7. When they hated someone you also hated...just on principle.

8. When they did that weird thing with you in that weird place just because.

9. Every time they were there to give you a completely third-party, unbiased opinion on your current drama.

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10. Every time they knew the perfect food to go with your current feelings.

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When you flunked a test, got into a fight with your mom, or didn't get that job you wanted, they had a takeout menu for that.

11. When they had a million things to do and they still dropped everything to be there for you.

12. When they endured your mental breakdowns without passing any judgement.

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Like, you wouldn't even judge them for judging you. You're actually kind of judging THEM for not judging you.

13. When they were there to help you figure out that whole sex thing.

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Because there's really only so much you can learn in sex ed.

14. When they posted all of those photos of you looking super hot to make your ex jealous.

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They have to know you're living your best life...without them in it.

15. And when they kept you updated on how much your ex STILL sucks, even though it was totally creepy.

The only picture they've been tagged in for the past month was posted by their mom...and it wasn't great tbh.

16. Every time they listened to all your "END OF THE WORLD" life problems like a champ.

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17. When they basically wrote your texts when you had no idea what to say.

18. And whenever they let you borrow their favorite outfit.

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And they didn't even remind you not to spill anything.

19. When they shamelessly binge-watched an entire show on Netflix with you.

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20. When you were in the worst mood ever and they knew exactly what to say.

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21. Every time they said yes to getting late-night pizza with you.

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Or ice cream...or french fries...or just more wine. Basically anything that's more acceptable to ingest with a companion after a certain time.

22. Every time they had no problem being completely honest with you.

23. And put you in your place when you needed it.

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24. Whenever they had your back, no questions asked.

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25. And every time they kept you grounded.

26. When they supported you and believed in you — even when you didn't believe in yourself.

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27. When they reminded you that being yourself is good enough and that anyone who doesn't think so can fuck off.

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28. When everything in your life was changing, but you could depend on your relationship with them to be the EXACT same.

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Complete proof that soulmates are real.

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