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    22 Very Doable Things That Will Get You To Sleep Faster

    Simple tips and tricks for getting some quality shut-eye.

    For some people, getting to sleep is a piece of cake. But for others, it can be an absolute pain in the ass.

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    So we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the little tips and tricks they have for getting better sleep — things they do before bed, throughout the day, or even once they're already under the covers.

    Here are all the awesome things they had to say.

    1. Cue up a few ASMR videos to watch/listen to when you lie down.

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    There's something for everyone in the ASMR community: eating and writing sounds, whispering, tapping, role-play, moaning, cooking, etc. The videos will lull you right to sleep.

    —Jordan Murdock, Facebook

    2. Try limiting your alcohol intake after 9 p.m.

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    I try not to have alcohol after 9 p.m. because it really interferes with my rest, and I've really noticed a difference.


    3. And turn the thermostat down a bit so you're sleeping in a cooler environment.

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    You fall asleep faster in a slightly colder environment. So if I go from a warm living room to a cool bedroom, I’m almost guaranteed to nod off immediately. Remember, keep your room a cool temperature; not cold, which wakes you up!


    4. Practice the 4–7–8 breathing method.

    5. Charge your phone somewhere AWAY from your bed.

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    It's so simple. I just started putting my phone charger on my dresser instead of next to my bed. I now plug it in before getting into bed, which prevents me from scrolling through Reddit and YouTube. It also forces me to get up in the morning to turn off my alarm.


    6. Mist your pillow with lavender chamomile pillow spray., filippocalvagno / Via

    Every night before bed, I use a lavender-scented lotion or cream on my face. I rub it in really well, while simultaneously taking a few deep breaths to relax my mind. It makes me fall asleep almost instantly every time. You can also mist your pillow with lavender chamomile pillow spray, which helps.


    You can get this lavender Pure Soothing Comfort mist from Amazon for $14.95.

    7. Or dab tea tree oil or lavender oil on your wrists and neck., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

    I dab tea tree oil on my wrists and neck as I’m getting ready for bed. It’s a super relaxing scent that really calms me down. I find that because I love the scent so much and look forward to putting it on, I start getting ready for bed earlier. It’s such a part of my routine now, that whenever I smell tea tree oil I immediately get sleepy.


    Get a 1-ounce bottle of tea tree oil from Amazon for $8.99.

    8. Play a word game that takes your mind off the fact that you can't get to sleep.

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    Think of a word four or five letters long while you're laying in bed — like PARK. Then, imagine things that start with "P," like pancake, panda, pigeon, etc. Then imagine words that start with "A," like apple, adult, airplane, etc., and you continue until you're done thinking of things for the letter "K." I never reach the end of the word because I always try to think of as many things as possible for each letter, and end up drifting off to sleep.


    9. Use an eye mask to block out every single bit of light in your room.

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    I’ve started sleeping with an eye mask to block out all the light in my apartment. It's really changed the game for me. I fall asleep so much faster now.


    You can get this eye mask from Amazon for $9.95.

    10. Or try drinking Sleepytime tea around 30 minutes before going to bed.

    I drink Sleepytime tea with valerian root while I watch Planet Earth or Bob Ross. Nothing relaxes me more than the beauty of nature or happy little trees.


    You can get two 20-packs of Sleepytime tea bags from Amazon for $12.86.

    11. Rub your entire body down with coconut or castor oil.

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    It's uncomfortable when your skin is dry and itchy, so moisturizing helps with that. The routine also really helps me relax, and I always end up getting a good night's sleep.


    12. Only lie down or hang out in bed if you're ready to turn in for the night.

    13. Masturbate.

    b-d-s / Getty Images

    One time I creeped on my ex to see how he was doing and realized I'm doing so much better in life than him and his new boyfriend. So I celebratory jerked off with a smug look on my face. I had such great sleep that night. Oh my god.

    —Gucio Marcin Jim Powęska, Facebook

    I use a website called PornHub. It works like clockwork.


    14. Write ALL your pressing thoughts down on paper.

    How to sleep: 1. Lay down 2. Dim lights 3. Dwell about literally every mistake you've made in your life for 6 hours 4. Rest for 9 minutes

    I tend to overthink every little detail of my life before I go to sleep. So I write on paper (NOT ON MY PHONE, because the luminosity keeps me awake) everything that comes to mind, until I feel tired. Then it's much easier for me to fall asleep.


    15. And watch satisfying videos, like those on BuzzFeed Nifty.

    Facebook: video.php

    I know it might seem counterproductive, but I usually watch Nifty videos from BuzzFeed to get to sleep. Sometimes I'll search for "most satisfying video ever" on YouTube and take a look at those. Repetitive videos soothe me and stop my trail of thoughts.


    16. Take soothing, warm showers right before bed.

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    That always relaxes me and makes me kind of drowsy, which is perfect for going to bed.


    17. Use a white noise app like Rain Rain or Pzizz.

    Rain Rain Sleep Sounds / Via, Pzizz / Via

    I use an app called Rain Rain. It has many sounds on it, even sounds of dogs and cats snoring. I find listening to the sounds of rain on a car door (very specific, LOL) very satisfying and I now have trouble falling asleep without it!


    I use an app called Pzizz! The ambient noises and calm voice talk me right to sleep. I never make it to the end. The voices can be male or female, and you can change up what you're listening to, but after a year, I never have. The app also wakes you up softly in the morning; it’s so peaceful.


    18. And force yourself to stick to a strict sleep routine, even on the weekends. / Via

    Get in a routine and force yourself to go to bed at the same time every day. In the beginning it'll be hard, but after a few days, you'll get tired when you're supposed to go to bed and you'll fall asleep faster — maybe then it will be easier for you to wake up in the morning, too.


    19. Take up some yoga or stretching before getting into bed.

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    I do a gentle yoga routine and flexibility practice to release tension. It really helps me relax.


    20. Do simple chores around your room. They'll tire you out while also taking things off your to-do list.

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    I found that doing chores in my room before bed really helps me get to sleep. For example, I'll fold/put away laundry while listening to soothing music. That way I'm not looking at a screen, I'm crossing off items from my to-do list, and settling in to a clean, less stressful space for sleep.

    —Sierra Vernon, Facebook

    21. Try taking melatonin., Charles M. Schulz / Via

    I’ve tried just about everything to get to sleep easier/faster and this has been my go-to.


    You can get a 240-count bottle of Nature Made melatonin on Amazon for $7.79.

    22. And last but not least, draw it out!

    Alright, now go get some good-quality sleep! 💤💤💤

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    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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