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    15 Ways To Work Out Harder And Actually See Results

    For everyone who's ready to take their fitness to the next level.

    So, you work out. But maybe you want to take things up a notch this year.

    1. Stop trying to make gains in tons of different areas at the same time.

    2. Go hard(ish) three times a week with workouts tailored to those goals.

    3. And then actually go lighter the rest of the time.

    4. Don't skip workouts altogether when you get super busy.

    5. If you're not seeing changes in your body (and you want to), look at your eating habits.

    6. Consider scheduling most of your carb intake around your workouts.

    7. Test your progress by testing your one- or two-rep max each month.

    8. Concentrate on increasing your range of motion rather than going up in weight.

    9. But if you are trying to move up in weight, make sure the last two reps of every set you do are nearly impossible.

    10. But once you increase the weight you're lifting, that doesn't mean you can never drop back down.

    11. Try working your muscles over longer periods of time.

    12. Figure out what your weak links are and do the exercises that are most awkward/challenging/scary for you.

    13. Change your warm-up depending on your workout.

    14. Pay extra attention to what parts of your body are sore during your warm-up and cool-down.

    15. Take your rest days seriously, because recovery is where you're going to really make your progress.

    Alright, get to it!