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    20 Things That Will Make Total Sense If You Lift Weights

    Cardio? That's any set over 5 reps, right?

    1. Nothing makes you happier than actually getting to work out during off-peak times.

    2. You talk in ways that no one really understands.

    3. And sometimes your gym skills don't translate to real life.

    4. You're constantly faced with the struggle of seeing someone using questionable form, but not correcting them.

    5. And wanting to max out but not having anyone to spot you.

    6. You really don't know what the word cardio means anymore.

    7. You can't understand why your friends don't get that designated gym time is not ~optional~.

    8. So you get a little emotional when one of them tells you they hit the gym.

    9. It's like your birthday has come early when your boss lets you out early... because it means more time to get shredded.

    10. All your jokes tend to be aimed at a specific crowd.

    11. Your daily schedule actually revolves around your meals.

    12. Which is primarily chicken, rice, and veggies, tbh.

    13. You've got a slight obsession with protein.

    14. And you pretty much try to sneak it into every meal possible.

    15. You really understand the concept of look good, feel good.

    16. Your workout clothes have slowly gotten tighter and tighter.

    17. And so have your normal clothes.

    18. Your camera roll is filled with lots of selfies.

    19. You make sure to take advantage of any time you get in front of a mirror. Because what's wrong with admiring all your hard work?

    20. And you know there's really nothing better than setting a new PR... nothing.